Monday, October 14, 2019

Review: The Timid Snowflake by Aisha Riaz

by Aisha Riaz
Auraq for Kids
Picture Book
36 pages

This book is all about snowflakes. Everyone loves snowflakes. It’s one of those things that nobody can resist. It reminds them of wintertime.
This concept of book was inspired by my daughter. When me and she was playing in snow, this idea came to me. At that moment I realized why not write something about snowflakes because everyone seems to mesmerize with it.
This book is divided into three parts.
The first section emphases on how a snowflake is afraid of his first fall …
The second part portrays the esprit de corps of snowflakes and how they are helping the newbie snowflake…
The third part looks at the merriment of snowflake …
The children can learn the memo of valor and courage from this book.


This is a cute, gentle story which helps children to see that they belong to a bigger picture and sometimes it's worth trying something new and overcoming fear.

Snowflakes are the main characters of this book, super cute and sweet ones. They huddle way up high in the clouds, waiting to make their first fall and land together into a large pile below. The snowflakes are excited about this event—the meaning of their existence. But one snowflake isn't convinced falling is such a great idea after all.

The theme of snowflakes immediately draws attention, and the author has done a terrific job at bringing these to life in a cute way readers are sure to enjoy. Each snowflake has its own personality and is as lovable as a snowflake should be. So, kudos on keeping the wonderment alive! The illustrations are done with care and invite for young listeners to flip through on their own.

The tale has several messages going from supporting others to going beyond the comfort zone. It offers a great way to start discussions on these topics, too.

It's appropriate for the intended age group, the writing fitting nicely as well. It could have used another round of editing and tightening, but this isn't something listeners will notice. It makes a ice read-aloud.

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