Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Review: Remebering Joseph Chickadee by Nancy Peek Youngdahl

by Nancy Peek Youngdahl
Mascot Books Inc.
Picture Book
38 pages
ages 4 to 8

When wise and kind Joseph Chickadee passes away other birds of the forest come together to remember him and celebrate all that he did as a leader and friend. Follow along in this story of love, loss, and grace as Joseph's family and friends say goodbye.


The passing away of a friend or loved one is handled with warmth in this gentle tale.

Joseph Chickadee is a bird, who passes away, but this isn't a tale about his death. Instead, the author takes a look at how the other birds remember him. Joseph Chickadee comes across as a kind bird, who was well liked by others. Although sadden by his passing, the birds remember the special moments they had with him and his kind actions. It offers love, hope and a continuing warmth to know that his memory is a happy one, which the others look back on fondly.

The author has created this book with love. While the tale is gentle and delivers its message through the birds, the illustrations add even more warmth. The oil paintings present the birds in a more realistic manner and keep the theme of each illustration simple, while letting the beauty of the birds unfold. It's a book to enjoy (especially for nature and bird lovers) but can also be used to open up discussions surrounding the loss of loved ones.

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