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The Jumbie God's Revenge by Tracey Baptiste

The Jumbies, Book 3
by Tracey Baptiste
Algonquin Books
Middle Grade Fantasy
272 pages

SEPTEMBER 3rd, 2019!!!

In book three of the popular Jumbies series, Corinne must use her emerging supernatural powers to battle the angry god who would destroy her Caribbean island home.

When an out-of-season hurricane sweeps through Corinne’s seaside village, Corinne knows it’s not a typical storm. At first Corinne believes Mama D’Leau—the powerful and cruel jumbie who rules the ocean—has caused the hurricane. Then a second, even more ferocious storm wrecks the island, sending villagers fleeing their houses for shelter in the mountains, and Corinne discovers the storms weren’t caused by a jumbie, but by the angry god Huracan.

Now Corinne, with the help of her friends and even some of her enemies, must race against time to find out what has angered Huracan and try to fix it before her island home is destroyed forever.


Thanks so much for stopping by and answering a few questions today! The Jumbie God's
Revenge is the third book following the Jumbies. Did you have this one all worked out
when you started the series? 
I didn't think I had a 3rd jumbies book in me when Elise Howard asked me for one. And I
was working on two other books at the time. So I started writing down little ideas on post-it
notes and sticking them on the wall in my office. Eventually I had enough little ideas that I
could see how the whole thing would come together. I outlined the story, something I usually
don't do, and then I started writing.
This wasn't intended to be a trilogy. It has expanded by single books every time. Who knows
where it will end at this point? The great part was that people wanted more and more jumbies,
and if I had thought of a series at the beginning, I definitely would not have come up with the
ideas that I did under pressure. The difficult part was that because I didn't intended for it to be
a series there were things I didn't set up in the first novel which made things hard in book 2 and
then book 3.
Do you have a favorite scene, quote, or moment from this latest adventure? 
The moment that Corinne comes into her full jumbie powers when she is up in the mountains
and goes to the fire to have a chat with Papa Bois is easily my favorite. It's powerful and
surprising and also a little bit gross.
If you could tell your younger self anything about writing, what would it be? 
That it has to be treated like any other skill. It takes time and patience and courage, but it also
needs to be nurtured. I'd remind myself to be gentle. I went to Catholic all girl schools my whole
life, so being gentle was never on the menu.
What are you currently reading? What’s in your TBR pile? 
Reality is Not What it Seems: The Journey to Quantum Gravity by Carlo Rovelli (I read at
least one physics book a year), Lalani of the Distant Sea by Erin Entrada Kelly, Hurricane
Season by Nicole Melleby, Ancient West African Kingdoms: Ghana, Mali, & Songhai by Mary
Quigley (for research for a nonfiction book I'm writing), An Indigenous Peoples' History of the
United States for Young People by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, and quite a few others for both
research and pleasure.

And here she is...

Tracey Baptiste is a New York Times bestselling author who grew up in Trinidad and Tobago on jumbie stories and fairy tales. Moving to the United States at fifteen was one of the hardest and most exciting times of her life. Tracey is a former elementary teacher and editor. She writes everything from picture books to middle grade and young adult novels, both fiction and nonfiction. She currently teaches at Lesley University's MFA program in Creative Writing. You can find her online at and on Twitter: @TraceyBaptiste

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