Thursday, August 15, 2019

Happy Book Birthday, Chicken Little Investigates by Lois Wickstrom !

by Lois Wickstrom
Illustrated by Francie Mion
Look Under Rocks
Picture Book
30 pages
ages 4 to 8

Sir Isaac Newton and Chicken Little did the same thing. Chicken Little would have figured it out if she had investigated. In this version, she does, and in the process saves herself and her friends from Foxy Woxy.


This is a super cute twist on the beloved Chicken Little tale, and one that will touch curious investigators' hearts.

Chicken Little is hit on the head by a falling nut, and what a strange thing that is to have happen! Especially since she notices that other things fall down and hit the ground, too. Deciding she needs to share her discovery with the king, she heads off and runs into each of her friends along the way. While sharing her discovery, each one has a different name for it. And when they meet Foxy Woxy, the discovery gets good use.

In this version, Chicken Little goes a step further than before and realizes that items fall down. This first introduction to gravity is perfect for young listeners. Not only is the tale funny and sweet, but the idea of gravity is kept at just that—the word never being used. Instead, the animals have their own names for it, ones which are sure to draw some giggles. The author does a lovely job at rounding it together in a clever way to escape Foxy Woxy. Yep, even this guarantees snorts and laughs. And the ending...well, that's humorous too.

The illustrations and the text play around each other, making it a read--aloud delight. The illustrations are done with love and are sure to invite young listeners to gaze through the pages on their own. The text is a little heavy for the youngest, but those about to head off to school will have no problem understanding the concept.

Summed up, this is a cute and giggle worthy way to introduce young listeners to an important science theme.

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