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Interview with Alex Hayes and Perfect Pitch with Giveaway!

Perfect Pitch 

by Alex Hayes 

 August 6th 2019
YA/NA Paranormal, Romance

All Dean wants is to escape…
But he can’t leave his younger brother, Ty, in the care of their alcoholic mother. And when their abusive father shows up, Dean has to get Ty out. Which means joining Shri — his best and only friend — in taking a job out of state and breaking the law by stealing his brother away.
Cadi’s life is almost back together after Dean blew it into a million pieces. She’s come to terms with her life as a shape-shifter — well, almost. She’s still trying to wrap her head around the fact that a vicious enemy is out to destroy the remnants of her people.
As if Cadi doesn’t have enough to deal with, Dean’s about to land on her front doorstep, forcing her to decide whether to let him into her secret world or slam the door in his face.
The Chameleon Effect series, starring shape-shifter teens with extraordinary superpowers, is sure to appeal to Young Adult and New Adult readers who enjoy romance with a paranormal twist.


Alex was kind enough to take some time and answer a few questions for us. After all, curious minds want to know!

Thanks so much, Alex, for stopping by here today. And a huge congrats on your new novel! What a novel it is, too. Perfect Pitch hits on some pretty tough issues before diving into the world of fantasy and so much more. What inspired you to make this interesting combination?
I like to write complex stories with many levels, weaving my main characters’
arcs into the plot. In many ways, the character arcs are the most important
elements in the story. That’s where the emotion and tension lies.

This story is about family and friendship, and defining the two.

In the first book of the series, Silken Scales, Dean appears to be a
run-of-the-mill football jock; however, the seeds are planted in a discussion
between Cadi and Shri that there’s more to this boy than meets the eye.

While Cadi rushes off to experience her adventure with Idris, Shri stays behind
and makes it her mission to figure Dean out.

What she finds is an intelligent guy with an outstanding moral compass, who
has tried to fit in with the “right” crowd, even though it feels all wrong to him.

After everything goes south for Cadi because Dean told Jake about her
abilities, Dean turns his back on his jerk of a best friend and shows himself
a true hero. Shri bears witness, and over the ensuing months, she and Dean
become close friends. Yet, they each hold their own secrets, even from each

That is definitely a woven tale, and sounds very exciting. What is your favorite part about writing? And what would you rather eat worms than do?
What makes writing fun for me are the humorous side of characters and
the clever bits — those connections that weave the story into a tapestry —
that the muse delivers while I’m not looking. 

I would rather eat worms than kill characters I love. Violence for the sake
of violence, I abhor. Having to compromise my writing and characterization
in order to bend to reader expectations, I struggle with.

Many authors were avid readers during their childhood. What were your favorite books while growing up?
I was an avid reader, but I had a perceived limited access to books. My mother
had a small library she had read during her childhood, all of which I devoured.
When I was small, I had a set of Ladybird fairy tale books I’d sneak into bed
with me at night. My mom had C.S. Lewis’s Narnia series and many books by
Enid Blyton and Mary Stewart. A few of my childhood favorites were Beauty
and the Beast, Pride and Prejudice, Saving Grace and Escape to Witch Mountain.

Ooo...those are all wonderful tales! What book are you reading right now?
How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell. Steven Pressfield’s Jab series.
The Grand Design by Steven Hawkins. Save the Cat by Blake Snyder and
Snake Skin by C.J. Lyons.

That's quite the variety. When you aren’t writing (or reading), what do you like to do? 
Not a lot. Ha-ha… I like to sing, even though I’m terrible at it. I usually do
this while exercising in a small room with a closed door. I enjoy walking and
yoga, when I get off my butt and do them. I love Netflix series, like Dark, Stranger
Things, the Umbrella Academy and Person of Interest; and I get my hit of Marvel
movies when I’m in the US.

I can only second all of those movies. What was your biggest wish as a child?
To be a writer, of course.

Do you nibble on anything when you write? Have candles on the side? Drink a little
wine or coffee or something else?
I do an embarrassing amount of writing in bed, or when I’m being good, up in
my “tower room” on the treadmill. I’m a slow-motion multitasker. I can’t write
a novel continuously, but I can write a scene, take a break to mess around with
a book cover idea or on social media, then write another scene, then format a
new ebook, then write another scene… That’s what works best for me at present.

What other projects do you have in the works?
I’ve just completed Book Three of the Chameleon Effect. I’m working on a few
books concurrently; these include the forth book of the series, of course, plus
two tie-in novellas. I’m also working through high level conceptual plans for two
other series to follow Chameleon. One is a dystopian science fiction series, the
other is an urban science fiction/fantasy trilogy.

And here she is...

Alex Hayes wrote her first fiction story when she was twelve. Inspired by her mother’s storytelling, she began work on her first novel, Ice Cracks, at eighteen.
She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. In her twenties, she moved from Marin County, California to Boston, Massachusetts, where she built a career as an IT professional in database engineering. In 2004, she self-published Ice Cracks, which became a semi-finalist in the 2005 IPPY Awards.
Alex splits her time between Grand Junction, Colorado and Guanajuato, Mexico. When she isn’t writing, she’s helping her partner, Lee, renovate a 450 year old hacienda. She is mother to one beautiful daughter and many wonderful cats.



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