Thursday, August 23, 2018

Review: What's Inside Your Gut, Shmut? by Kount Kracula

by Kount Kracula
Illustrated by Mr. Watt
TWI Media
Picture Book for Pre-/Teens

Havoc breaks loose, in Hollywood's 'Beastie Canyon', U.S.A ---
When, the infamous, grumpy movie-monster: Grok, a fiery, giant dragosaur, arrives home to find his ditzy, 150 foot wife, Shmut (the world's last dumbosaurus), back from a long 10 month vacation; with a mysterious, mountainous 'belly bundle'!

 Kount Kracula's 'stomach -churning' adventure tale ensues, as the kooky orange, female behemoth, colorfully explains her controversially bloated situation!


These pages take a dive into an entirely different type of quirky humor, which reminds maybe a tad bit of Mad Magazine.

Grok is a hot tempered, full of himself dinosaur who is married to a dizzy—and much bigger dinosaur—Shmut. She returns home after a month long vacation with a huge belly...and Grok suspects the worst.

This is a picture book/comic but not for little ones. The subject matter and writing hit the older group of younger and older teens. It's quirky...very much so..., obscure and simply hits a certain type of humor which isn't often touched upon, but will have the right reader laughing and loving every page. Grok and Shmut pack emotion pure, and it bursts from the page.

Although short at twenty-eight pages, each one holds punch. The illustrations are bold and bright with an addicting, chaotic flair. The personalities of Grok and Shmut shine through with power, and there are humorous details sprinkled in to make each one worth a careful look. The speech bubbles and comic text squares plaster the rest of the page, not only narrating the story briefly but expressively with punches of sarcasm, wit and sheer ridiculousness thrown in. The puns and pokes are pointed, spiked and taunting a dash of shock as they mix right in with the ranting and racing feel of the text. A couple taboos are neared but not really pressed upon, giving the entire thing the edge this special humor requires.

While this won't be every reader's thing, it's definitely something others will devour and enjoy. 

And here he is...

This is the first picture book for the kooky, benevolent author/storyteller:  Kount Kracula ( a TV Horror Host); who lives (and lurks) in Hollyweird, Canada, North America  ( with the assistance of his minion Illustrator & intrepid coffee-boy: Mr. Watt ! )

The this book is #1 in a series of upcoming books in the upcoming, satirical "Kount Kracula Picture Book" series. The Kount's hobbies include: watching schlocky, old B-Movies, scaring small animals & writing satirical picture novels, for the
“tween-ager” & juvenile publication market.


Kount Kracula was one of the authors featured in  the year long  Brampton, Ont. Canada Local Authors Showcase. The annual Local Authors Showcase was unveiled  during the local After Hours Book Bash on August 17thThis event celebrates a great summer spent reading. Here are some pictures to get a feel of the fun!

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