Sunday, August 26, 2018

Review: Precious Moments - Little Book of Thanks by Jean Fischer

Precious Moments
by Jean Fischer
Thomas Nelson
Board Book / Religious
ages 1 and up
32 pages

It happens every autumn. As soon as the leaves begin to turn bright, beautiful colors, the year sprints ahead on fast-forward! Take a few moments out of the hustle and bustle of the season to sink into a cozy chair with your little one and thank God for everything He’s given us with Precious Moments® Little Book of Thanks.

In the sweet, enduring art style of Precious Moments, this timeless book will help your children recognize all the wonderful things God has given them! Read along, and you will remember to enjoy the simple things, like singing silly songs, jumping in a pile of leaves, and watching the seasons change. The short, rhyming verses in this classic Precious Moments book don’t take much time to read at all, and they will create memories that last forever.

Precious Moments Little Book of Thanks offers you the chance to be thankful for all that you have and for the ones with whom you get to share every precious moment.


Thanks and good feelings abound in these reflections about the blessings received during our daily lives.

This is a sturdy, thick board book, perfectly made for small hands. The cover is slick and easy to wipe off from small accidents, and will hold up to a little more rough treatment. Each two-page spread holds a short poem (sometimes two), which reflect a couple things to be thankful for, according to each two-page theme. There is also a short Bible verse to reflect on.

Thanks for silly songs...thanks for playtime...thanks for clouds and all sorts of, even sometimes, silly sounds. This small book hits a broad span of all the things kids, especially younger ones, can be thankful for. The themes are usually very broad and appropriate for children in many situations, making it easy for almost any little one to relate too. The poems change in length, tempo, rhyme and attitude, giving the pages as much variety as the things being thanked for. Each one is short and sweet, keeping it to a short attention span while still making the point loud and clear.

The illustrations, as is with Precious Moments, are cute and radiate warmth and love. The kids are depicted in various activities, each one clearly holding emotions which even young listeners can pick up on. It's simply a sweet collection, which reminds how much God's given us and how even the smallest things in life make the biggest smiles.

I received a complimentary copy from Booklook Bloggers.

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