Monday, August 27, 2018

Review: Pierre the Cat by Glenn Lovegrove

by Glenn Lovegrove
Illustrated by Basil M Waite
Candy Jar Books
Picture Book
ages 4 to 7

Why would Pierre wish to venture out? 
Why should he feel the lure?
When in his house, without a doubt,
He feels safe and secure.

Written by Glenn Lovegrove and beautifully illustrated by Basil M Waite, this is a delightful children's story about discovering new things.

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This is a cute, quickly read little picture book which takes a cat down a funny path.

Pierre has a nice life for a cat but having his food served in a bowl for him every single day, he decides it's time to catch a rat. Not that he's ever done that before, but it's a cat thing to do. Off he goes to search for a rat and instead, meets with more adventure than he knows what to do with.

Pierre is an okay cat. He isn't mean, isn't overly sweet and nice, and somewhat naive. When he heads out to find his rat, curiosity settles in as to whether or not he is up to the task. The author sets in fun twists and turns for Pierre which surprise and encourage a smile or two. The ending doesn't go there where might be expected from the beginning, but it holds satisfying truth.

The illustrations are bright and flow along nicely with the text. It's easy for young listeners to pick up the book and flip through the pages to enjoy the tale even when no one is around to read the words. The text rhymes the entire way through, which usually flows pretty well. There are moments of silliness and expression built in to make it a nice read-aloud for even the youngest listeners.

And here he is...

My name is Glenn Lovegrove, I am forty nine years of age and have been writing poetry since my childhood.  Having read hundreds of picture books to my three boys when they were younger, I always hoped to one day create and get a picture book published myself.  'Pierre the Cat' is a rhmying adventure tale and is my first published book.  I have three other rhyming tales that I also hope to get published in the future.  My wife is a Headteacher of a primary school and we are both passionate about wanting children to read from an early age.  Having already visited many primary schools to read my book, I plan to continue this from September, when children in the UK return to school following the summer break.

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