Saturday, August 11, 2018

Happy Book Birthday, Just Me, Wrigley by Savy Leiser!

A Furever Home Friends Story
by Savy Leiser
Picture Book
36 pages
ages 4 to 7

Wrigley loves to dance! She can shake her tail all over the animal shelter. But for some people, Wrigley's rhythm isn't enough. 

Wrigley is a mutt; nobody knows what breed she is. When people come to the shelter looking for Dalmatians and labs and schnauzers, Wrigley wonders when it will be her turn. 

Can Wrigley find the confidence to accept her mixed-breed identity and dance her way into a forever home?


This is a super cute book, which opens the eyes and hearts to animals, especially those who have landed in the shelter.

Wrigley isn't as talented as the other dogs around her at the shelter, but she loves to dance. When she's picked up by a family and presented to their son as a Christmas present, she's sure she's found a new home, but the boy wanted a different dog. Wrigley lands back in the shelter, crushed and unsure of herself. Somehow, she must overcome her self-doubt and maybe find a true home.

The author does a fantastic job at exposing the tales and bringing sympathy for the  various histories dogs can face before landing in the shelter. Wrigley is a sweet dog, whose is hard not to immediately fall in love with. The heart hurts when she lands right back there where she'd hoped to leave—something which reminds people what it means when they place a dog in the shelter. 

On the other side, Wrigley needs to come to terms with her own self-image—something kids and adults often have a problem with. Her wonderful personality guides readers through this fun and warm journey, making it a lesson to learn without becoming preachy. Plus, dogs are super sweet.

The illustrations have a personal touch and invite to be flipped through time and again. They bring Wrigley's personality nicely to life. This is a sweet read, especially as a read aloud, with many wonderful messages and tons of cuteness as well. 

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