Friday, January 5, 2018

Review: Tokyo City Trails by Lonely Planet Kids

by Lonely Planet Kids
Middle Grade Picture Book
ages 8 and up
104 pages

Here's a book about Tokyo that's seriously streetwise. Lonely Planet Kids' City Trails: Tokyo features colourful themed trails, from history and culture to food and nature, that reveal amazing facts and intriguing tales that kids won't find on the tourist routes or inside the average guidebook. We'll show them where to bathe in chocolate, climb Japan's tallest tower, meet a giant robot, and lots more!

Join Lonely Planet explorers Marco and Amelia as they hunt for more secrets, stories and surprises in another of the world's great cities.

Themed trails include:

Fishy City
Active Earth
Up in the Air
Bonkers Buildings
Tokyo Tech
Tokyo on a Plate
Tokyo Style
Spooky Stories
Cartoon Capers
Amazing Art
24-hour Tokyo
Busy and Noisy!
On with the Show!
Tokyo Transport
Blast from the Past
Sports and Games
Emperors and Empresses
Plants and Animals

Also available: City Trails - London, Paris, New York City, Rome, Sydney, Washington DC

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Daily life tidbits, exotic foods, pet peculiarities, tons of known (and lesser known) sights and so much more make this book into a smorgasbord for anyone ready to dive into the colorful streets and cool corners of Tokyo.

Like a real tourist or adventurer embarking on a trip, the first page lays out a map of Tokyo. Little pinpoints show where each 'trail'or topic area, included in the neighboring table of contents, is geographically located. There are 19 themes, each consisting of about six pages. And these are packed. . .and I do mean stuffed to the gills. . .with all sorts of fun, eye-raising, or simply interesting bits of information. Everything from whimsical architecture to mouth-watering snacks to goblins or even fashion is presented in a way curious minds are sure to enjoy and soak up.

The pages are colorful and almost chaotic, bringing across an air of excitement and liveliness, which is certain to be found when strolling down the streets of Tokyo. A path follows through the pages, marking each 'sight' with an English and Japanesse name, and then a paragraph description as well as a delightful photo or illustration. The information doesn't dribble across like the drool of a rattling teacher, but radiates the excitement of an enthusiastic guide. The wording grabs while still bringing across exactly that information kids of this age group crave. 

This isn't the type of book to be read from start to finish in one setting (it would be over-whelming to even try to do this) but invites to be visited time and again. The mountain of information ensures that something new will be discovered with every visit, and many things are worthy of being shared with friends and offer new insights into the life, culture and simply variety Tokyo has to offer. 

Curious readers ages eight and up, who love learning more about life and the world, are sure to devour this book and will come out knowing so much more.

About Lonely Planet Kids. . . Come explore! Let's start an adventure. Lonely Planet Kids excites and educates children about the amazing world around them. Combining astonishing facts, quirky humour and eye-catching imagery, we ignite their curiosity and encourage them to discover more about our planet. Every book draws on our huge team of global experts to help share our continual fascination with what makes the world such a diverse and magnificent place - inspiring children at home and in school.

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