Monday, January 29, 2018

Review: Dik-Dik by Marilyn Brigham

Even Weirder and Cuter
by Marilyn Brigham
Bearport Publishing
Picture Book Non-Fiction
ages 4 to 8
24 pages

What's that animal with giant eyes and a long, bendy snout? It's a dik-dik! Beginning readers will learn all about these strange yet wonderful creatures in this delightful title. They will also learn basic information about dik-diks, including how these tiny antelopes protect themselves, find mates, and mark their territory. Each 24-page book features controlled text with age-appropriate vocabulary and simple sentence construction. The lively text, colorful design, and eye-catching photos are sure to capture the interest of emergent readers. Dik-Dik is part of Bearport's Even Weirder and Cuter series.

The sweet face on the cover with it's big, curious eyes already draw attention and lure in to learn more about a less known animal, the Dik-dik.

This lesser known type of antelope lives in Africa, and it is quite an interesting creature. With bright, bold photographs, this book takes a quick dive into the Dik-dik's environment, tells about its habitat and leaves the reader a little more knowledgeable than before. . .perhaps, with a new favorite animal.

Short, sweet and to the point—that's how this book runs. Each page offers basic information about the dik-diks: what they eat, how big they are, habits, predators and many other tidbits about their daily lives. While the main details are offered in easy to read and large printed text, little bits of extra information are added in bubbles here and there. This makes the book a little more fun to discover and keeps it from getting dry or boring. The amount of information is not over-powering, but would hold the attention of even young listeners and might be a bit slim for slightly older readers. The text itself is great for those kids who are feeling a little more comfortable with reading on their own.

The main treat in these pages are the photographs. The cute dik-diks are shown in their natural habitat on every page. It's a joy simply to glance through the pictures. At the end, there's a glossary to help out with a few lesser known terms and a quick view of three other less known but interesting types of antelope.

Curious kids and animal lovers will enjoy this one and discover an animal many have never heard about before.

There's no shortage of bizarre and unusual animals on Earth. This series features a new group of remarkable creatures that readers definitely won't find in their backyards! The colorful assortment includes scaly pangolins, slimy matamatas, and eerie aye-ayes. Each 24-page book features controlled text with age-appropriate vocabulary and simple sentence construction. Eye-catching photos closely align with clear, descriptive text. These delightful, informative books will quickly become children's favorites.

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I've never heard of this animal. I learn something new everyday!