Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Sneak Peek: The Lord of Shadow Rises by James Terzian with Giveaway

The Lord of Shadow Rises
by James Terzian 
YA Epic Fantasy

It has been 200 years since the Lord of Shadows was sealed in a horrific battle with the Order of White Rose. Now the year is 1998, a boy with murdered parent's must gather allies to stop the once powerful Lord of Shadows from regaining his full power and breaking the seal. Learning from the Order of the White Rose guardians he must fight or his parents death would be in vain.

From Norway to United States of America from China to Korea he must join with the other students and fight.

​In the city of Moscow, a young teenager approached the entrance of the Greater Moscow Bank. On his shoulder he carried a bulging duffle bag. The bank’s security guard moved across the entrance as the boy approached.
“Do you need help, young man?” asked the guard.
“The only thing I need you to do,” said the teen, “is die!”
Pulling a semi-automatic from the bag on his shoulder he fired on the guard, his body sliding down the entrance door to the bank as bullets continued to ricochet against the glass. Shoving his body to the side, the boy strode through the doors and into the bank. Continuing to fire his weapon, he calmly stalked through the bank’s interior killing tellers and innocents as he came across them. With bodies littering the floor, the shooter turned and waved to three more teens that were now stationed at the entrance. The group walked over to the shooter and together they approached the vault. Grabbing the manager from his position, cowering under his office desk, they forced him to open the vault before ruthlessly shooting him when his usefulness had gone. The three teens removed duffel bags from their shoulders and began to fill them with cash. On the arm of one teen was a red hammer tattoo, and on another a sickle.
“Look for any survivors and take them out,” said the original shooter to his team. “I want no witnesses.”
Hearing sirens, the group quickly exited the building, firing as they went. Running to the end of the block, they turned left and jumped into a waiting vehicle.
“Get driving, the police are after us!” screamed the shooter. The driver, without delay, jumped on the accelerator and headed down the street and away from the bank. Turning right and gunning the gas the quartet of young bank robbers screamed in unison as a black portal opened up before them, swallowing the car.
The chasing police car stopped at the same street corner. Having been right behind them just a moment before, they were now faced with an empty street. “Chief, we’ve lost the suspects,” said the officer over the radio.
“They’ve just disappeared.”
“What do you mean?” said the voice of the Chief.
“They’ve just vanished,” said the officer.
“Report back to the station,” ordered the voice.
“Yes, sir,” confirmed the officer.

James Terzian is a upcoming Author with learning Disability in writing. Writing a novel to prove to others that having a Disability does not hinder you in anyway.   Born in Ukraine and came to America in 1992 at the age of five, Found his love for writing after graduation and is hoping to share his journey. Graduated with honor roll in High school despite his Disability, he strives to do what he loves, writing. He started to write fanfiction based on his childhood shows. Works for a local grocery store Safeway in Maryland.

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