Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sally Sleuth and the Missing Mice by Majanka Verstraete

 Sally Sleuth and The Missing Mice
by Majanka Verstraete
Chapter Book
ages 6+

Sally Sleuth, a fourth-grade self-proclaimed detective, is charged to bring the class’s pet mice home for the evening. But with her brother’s snake crawling around, her dad locking himself up in his office all night, and her mom’s strict “time for bed” policy causing her to leave the mouse cage open, it’s no wonder the animals have disappeared by the next morning.
Sally doesn’t have much time to find the mice before she’ll let her teacher and all her friends down.
Sally Sleuth is a series of chapter books for kids who like mysteries.

Release Date: January 30, 2017
Format: eBook and Paperback
Price: $2.99
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And here she is. . .

Majanka Verstraete begged her Mom to teach her how to read while she was still in kindergarten. By the time she finished fifth grade, she had read through the entire children’s section of her hometown library.
She wrote her first story when she was seven years old, and hasn’t stopped writing since. With an imagination that never sleeps, and hundreds of possible book characters screaming for her attention, writing is more than a passion for her.
She writes about all things supernatural for children of all ages. She’s tried to write contemporary novels before, but something paranormal always manages to crawl in.
Majanka has a Master of Law and Master of Criminology degree, and hopes one day to be able to combine her passions for law and writing. When she’s not writing, reading or studying, she likes watching “The Vampire Diaries” and “Game of Thrones,” spending time with her friends, or playing “World of Warcraft.”

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Pre-order on Amazon


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