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You Are Not Alone by The Bible Tells Me So


Level 1
The Bible Tells Me So
Early Readers Religious
22 pages
ages 4 to 8

Sometimes, in this modern, busy, digital age, children can feel like nobody cares about them and that they are all alone.


When they feel this way, we need to reassure them that they are actually surrounded by family, friends, and others in their church and community who really love them and that God, the One who loves them and cares for them most of all, is always with them.


This beautifully illustrated book is meant to help parents have  repeated and loving conversations with their children to let them know they are not alone.


With gentle, lovely illustrations, readers are lead to realize how many people truly care for them.

The first pages hit immediately with the atmosphere of loneliness—one little child sitting in the middle of the page all alone. Little by little, the the reader learns about all the people around them, growing the circle of individuals surrounding the child until a huge crowd is formed. It's potent and brings the message home with a steady pace which is easy to understand and connect with. The last pages address how God is always there, too.

The illustrations are well done and create a gentle and enjoyable atmosphere the entire way through. These alone can carry the story, making it great for young, beginning readers to tackle on their own, since they can easily deduce what the text is saying. 

The text fits well for those readers, who have a fairly decent handle on words but still need quite a bit more practice. It does push the reading skills, while connecting with the illustrations to keep frustration to a minimum. The font has a playful touch, which invites in but might cause difficulty for more struggling readers. It has a warm flow, which edges toward a poetic atmosphere.

The message is warming and comes across clearly without feeling overly preachy. It is more intended for those young readers, who have a traditional family (siblings, grandparents, aunts/uncles, etc.), and works very well for these readers. For those readers, who are missing two or more of these 'categories', this might not work quite as well and have the opposite effect, in some cases. So, a little discretion on this end might be advised.

But it is a lovely read, which brings the idea of community and love home very well, while offering beginning readers a chance to explore the tale on their own.

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