Friday, May 10, 2024

Oddbird's Chosen Family by Derek Desierto

Ugh! We lost our internet for several days...welcome to living out in the I'm a bit behind on sharing the reads I've collected for this month. 

Today's read follows the popular book about the same character, Oddbird. I didn't read the first book but am excited about diving into this one. So, let's take a peek.

by Derek Desierto
Feiwel & Friends
Picture Book
ages 4 to 8

COMING MAY 28th!!!

Oddbird has always been on his own. And he’s managed pretty well. But that’s changing – now, he wishes for a family.

When Oddbird’s friends plan a big surprise for him, he realizes he’s surrounded by those who accept and care for him. All families don’t look the same, and sometimes the families we choose are where we belong.



Between dad jokes, colorful friends, and the desire to belong, this is a read to enjoy from beginning to end.

Oddbird is off to visit his friend, meets the family, and has a really good time. When he leaves and walks home alone, he realizes that he doesn't have a family and is alone. Just when he realizes how sad he is, something amazing happens.

This book is the second surrounding Oddbird stories and works perfectly fine as a stand alone. Oddbird is a small, gray bird, who has a good heart, is kind, and values his friends. His 'drab' coloring clashes with the colorful birds surrounding him, but he's adorable in his uniqueness. 

It's easy to identify with him as he visits his friend's family, especially thanks to the awkward beginning moments. This will ring familiar with many readers, who go to their friends' houses for the first time. The addition of terrible Dad jokes slides in a fun quirkiness to add smiles. But then, even the sadder, loneliness Oddbird feels afterwards doesn't last long before the positive atmosphere kicks in again. 

The text is age appropriate and makes a nice read-aloud, while the illustrations are bright and bold and enjoyable. It's a cute read with a lovely message.

And here he is...

Derek Desierto, illustrator of Juno Valentine and the Magical Shoes, is a Vancouver-based illustrator, designer, and overall nice guy from a nice family. His animation work has been recognized by the Ottawa International Animation Festival, the National Cartoonist Society, and 9 Story Media Group. Currently, he is living the dream as a freelance artist for animated TV shows and picture books. His ultimate goal in life is to meet Oprah and become one of her Favorite Things.

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