Friday, May 24, 2024

The Official Cursed Princess Club by LambCat


By LambCat
Webtoon Entertainment
Young Adult Coloring Book
96 pages

JULY 9th!!!

Color your favorite moments from the popular WEBTOON Originals Cursed Princess Club series in this uniquely designed book featuring the original full-color art as inspiration for each coloring page.
The Official Cursed Princess Club Coloring Book offers you a chance to experience the captivating and hilarious world of Cursed Princess Club in an inspiring new way. Each page has been thoughtfully crafted to capture the essence of the series, allowing you to engage interactively with your favorite characters and scenes. This distinctive coloring book features:  
  • A carefully curated set of 46 coloring pages, featuring the unconventional princess Gwendolyn, her fellow princesses, supporting characters, and the series’ most beloved and talked-about moments.
  • A unique format, with the original full-color artwork on the left, showcasing the vibrant and evocative scenes as depicted in the series, and the uncolored line art on the right, awaiting your artistic touch.
  • Premium paper that ensures a satisfying coloring experience; allows you to color using markers, gel pens, colored pencils, crayons, and more; and preserves your artistic expressions for years to come.
Each page is a new opportunity to celebrate the essence of Cursed Princess Club and express your creativity in a tangible and personal way, bringing the world of Cursed Princess Club to life with your own choice of colors.
Whether you’re an ardent fan of the series or are simply seeking a delightful coloring journey, 
The Official Cursed Princess Club Coloring Book is a perfect addition to your collection.



This book is definitely one for Cursed Princess Club fans. The graphics and tales behind some of them are more than clear to those who have already dived into the novels. But that doesn't mean that these are all pulled right out of the novels, either. While the scenes and backstories will pop-up in fans' minds, there are original settings which play on the personalities of the characters. It's a fun way to sink in and enjoy the personalities...a great fandom experience.

There are 46 images in total. A fully colored version is presented on the left side of each two-page spread, and then, the same image is shown on the left side but with just the lines. The images allow for simple coloring or for the fantasy to flow freely. 

It's an enjoyable book, and the only drawback is that non-knowers will feel a bit disconnected. But for fans, it's quite cute.

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