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Happy Book Birthday, You Are Loved by Sujean Rim!

Happy Book Birthday! It's been a while, since I've been able to scream that out, and it feels good to celebrate a new release today. 

This read screams simple wonderfulness...but then, I do enjoy a positive read with no hidden agendas or messages outside of simple goodness, sometimes. I'm hoping that's what this one is. Plus, those bunny ears are so adorable! (My youngest daughter always loved to wear little animal accessories all the way up into elementary school). I also love the play of colors against black and white on the cover, since it makes those flowers pop that much more.

Anyway, let's dive in and see if this book is worth celebrating.

by Sujean Rim
Caitlyn Dloughy Books
Picture Book
40 pages
ages 3 to 5

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A young child learns all the ways they are loved by nature and, most of all, by the person reading to them in this gentle and lyrical picture book reminiscent of Love from the Crayons and Alison McGee’s Someday .

You are loved…by the grass...
As it softens your path...
You are loved…by the wind...
How it plays with your hair.

A little tyke wanders through a welcoming world of sun, grass, and flowers, dancing to bird chirps, spying new friends in the clouds, and waving to waves. After hello-ing stars and giving a hello-there to the moon, the explorer finally returns to someone who loves them as deeply as all the world.

Simple but potent, this read invites to warmth, snuggles, and embraces the positive wonder of love and life.

A child heads outside, ready to experience whatever comes its way and finds joy in every moment. It's the little things, which make the difference in this read and demonstrate how amazing these things can be. From the grass under the feet to the clouds in the sky, the child simply enjoys the moments. 

The text flows along in calming rhyme, adding to the warm atmosphere. The first phrase of each verse is printed large and flowy on one side of the page, using repetition to draw in the comfort of familiarity and giving something for listeners to 'read along with' if desired. The second phrase adds a bit of action and emotion, but this is where the illustrations take the lead with their simple and inviting style. The child is kept in basic outlines with general details, allowing listeners to easily identify with it. (And the bunny ears is such a nice touch!) The scenes, however, are colorful and dreamily artistic. These only take up an area of the white page, keeping attention centered on the colorful scene. These hold familiar moments almost every listener can identify with and solidify the positive theme.

Everything fits very well to the intended age group and makes a nice read-aloud for a calmer, group setting or for a one-to-one bedtime/snuggle moment. It offers a very supportive and uplifting message of love and leaves a off with a sense of security and warmth. Simply said, it's a lovely, feel-good read.

And here she is...

Sujean Rim is the author and illustrator of Take a BreathTake a ChanceBirdie’s Big-Girl ShoesBirdie’s Big-Girl DressBirdie’s Big-Girl HairZoogie Boogie Fever!Chee-Kee: A Panda in Bearland, and more. She has illustrated for clients including Tiffany & Co., Target, and the website DailyCandy. Sujean lives in New York with her favorite artist and husband Bob, and their son, Charlie. Find her online at SujeanRim.com.

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