Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Morgana and Oz Vol. 1 by Miyuli

Today's read doesn't hit until September, but I've been too curious to see if it's any good to wait that long. It's a graphic novel for the teen audience and should be a light, fun read. This one is going to play around the relationship between a witch and a vampire...and now that I think about it, I haven't read a vampire story for a very long time! Wow. It was just a couple years ago that vampires and witches were all over YA literature. Interesting how things constantly change.

Anyway, I'm hoping this one isn't all gushy and swoony but rather packs some humor, adventure or something along those lines, too. So, off we go!

Volume 1
by Miyuli
WEBTOON Unscrolled
YA Paranormal
320 pages


What happens when a struggling witch meets an angsty vampire? Either love or war.

Morgana belongs to a long line of witches, and Oz to the rival vampire clan. After a chance encounter . . . and maybe a few stray spells . . . these two need to find a way to work together, or risk all-out war between coven and clan.

It's a Romeo and Juliet story where a boy and a girl from two rival clans, one a vampire and one a witch, meet cute, like each other, but then the girl makes a serious mistake and turns the boy into a cute kitty.

Collecting episodes 1-19 of the hit fantasy WEBTOON series



Take a accident-prone witch, a lost vampire turned cat, and a coven/clan war, and chaos is guaranteed.

The witches are determined to finally find peace with the rival vampire clan after generations of fighting and invite them over for a first dinner. No magic is allowed, but Morgana can't stand the color of the dress her mother chose for her. When her magic backfires—again—, it doesn't unleash chaos but she does run across someone lurking outside on her way to the dumpster. As her and the vampire, Oz, exchange first greetings as awkwardly as possible, the dinner inside erupts into chaos. Soon, the house is standing in flames, the vampires swear deadly war, and Morgana ends up with a vampire-turned-kitty in her arms. Somehow, everything needs to be fixed, but Morgana is the last witch, who can be expected to achieve that job.

I was expecting quite a bit more romance, and I'm so glad that this aspect didn't hit nearly as strong as it might have. Instead, this read takes on a sweet, funny, and chaotic tone with just a touch of secret agendas to add a dash of mystery...but very slight. The tale concentrates more on Morgana and her inability to control of her magic as she desperately wants to meet expectations and become a good witch. Her super kind personality and willingness to overlook others' negative points, makes her a heroine to root for. She's naive but not stupid and has quite a bit of potential for growth during the series. Oz doesn't come across as strongly in this first volume, which works fine and simply lays the groundwork for more to come on his end. He does add the needed grit to create smile-worthy situations, though.

This is a fun, easy read with quick and even pacing the entire way through. While the tensions between the coven and clan members are obvious, darker moments are held at bay by the lighter humor and quirky situations. The over-the-top personalities of most of the characters is endearing, and yet, it's clear that a couple might not hold the genuine intentions as they appear to have. But this side is only hinted at and, I'm assuming, will carry much more importance as the series continues. 

The graphics tend to take darker hues (not always but overall), while the characters...especially Morgana...remain wide-eyed and more open in their style. This fits well with the story's atmosphere, and also allows the hints of darker aspects to maintain present without gaining too much footing against the sillier side. Many scenes also hang toward the individual characters rather than fuller settings and surroundings. This allows the personalities and emotions to shine. When more is needed, the backgrounds are well done, making it easy to slip into every moment. 

It's a fun read, and I am looking forward to seeing where it goes from here because there promises to be several unexpected twists and turns...and tons of character growth.

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