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Cloud Puppy by Kelly Leigh Miller

The pastel burst of joy on hyper-drive is what caught my attention on this one. And the idea of a cloud puppy. What in the world is a cloud puppy? I see this read as either being good or terrible, and can't wait to see what direction it goes. 

by Kelly Leigh Miller
Atheneum Books
Chapter Book  /   Graphic Novel
160 pages
ages 6 to 9 

MAY 28th!!!

Narwhal and Jelly meets The Amazing World of Gumball in this first book in a delightful graphic novel chapter book series about Cloud Puppy—part puppy, part cloud, and all adorable—and her forays into friendship, adventure, and all things geeky!

Meet Cloud Puppy! Her hobbies include making rainbows, super sniffing, and, of course, reading the Pretty Princess Warrior Dragonetta series with her best friend, Berry Rose. After Cloud Puppy finds out that her favorite author will be a guest at the local comic book convention, she and Berry Rose decide to attend in homemade costumes.

But when they both insist on dressing up as the same character, Cloud Puppy and Berry Rose have their first fight ever! Now, they’re going to the convention separately. Will these feuding friends be able to make amends?


Adorable characters wrapped up in a cloud of sweetness invite with friendship and fun in the most delightful ways.

Cloud Puppy is a huge Pretty Princess Warrior Dragonetta fan and can't believe that the author is going to be at a comic convention in town. Berry Rose is ready to go with her, and the two quickly create their costumes. But there's a misunderstanding and both are going to go as the princess warrior. There can't be two of the same character! Neither wants to give up on their costume idea, and the two refuse to speak to each other, but this might not be as great as either of them thinks.

Cloud Puppy is part cloud, part puppy, which might sound odd but makes her into a super cute character, especially since every ounce of her seems to be bursting with excitement and good vibes. Her best friend, Berry Rose, isn't much lower on the adorable-scale, and the two ensure a read bursting with happiness. This all-around-cheerfulness remains humming along in the background even when the two friends can't reach a compromise and refuse to speak to one another. It keeps the argument between the two from weighing down the tale, while allowing the message to come across loud and clear.

The text flows along nicely with the graphics, providing enough to keep the story going but allowing the illustrations to do their job as well. The vocabulary hits the intended reading level and does push the word skills to foster improvement. The chapter breaks are well placed to give the necessary pauses. The illustrations lean toward the light and colorful side, fitting to the atmosphere, and add the sweet, over-the-top emotional outbursts to keep the story fun and humorful.

It's a cute tale with messages to connect with and characters to enjoy. It will be fun to see where the adventures head next.

And here she is...

Kelly Leigh Miller is an illustrator and author who loves everything cute and whimsical. She is the author of I Love My Fangs!I Love My Fur!I Love My Magic!, and many more books. Visit her online at

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