Saturday, October 7, 2023

Today's review... Draw Wars by Steve Morgan

by Steve Morgan
Illustrated by Jessica Beaver
Pen Pal Project
Children's Activity / Nonfiction
63 pages

From best-selling author Steve Morgan comes the first book in the Draw Wars series, which is filled with action, fun, and puns and a deeper meaning about the importance of inclusiveness and accepting others who are different than ourselves. Gift a copy to someone you love today!

Draw Wars tells of the battle between marker, Arty Hues, and pencil, Izzy Sharp. The winner will decide the “write” way to draw and color – in marker or in pencil – and who will rule the book forever. Draw Wars is full of color, adventure, surprise characters and the realization that we are best when drawn together.



A pen meets a marker. Both are sure no one can draw/color better than them, so a battle begins. This sets the stage for an adventurous, sometimes funny, and definitely unpredictable tale, which centers around the unlimited possibilities of putting the imagination into visual form on paper.

Obviously, this is a book which inspires readers/listeners to create their own images and explore the world of art. The illustrations are simple, colorful, and bring extra excitement to the tale. The text is kept short, carries quick-dialogue fun, and hits the age group nicely. It's fast-paced and lets the silly battle take over, guaranteeing a few smiles along the way.

The ridiculousness increases as the story continues, and some moments will raise an eyebrow, but that's perfect, and there are more than a few readers, who will find the situation great. It does inspire listeners to pick up their own pencils/markers or whatever and bring their ideas to the paper. So it fulfills it's purpose very well

And here he is...

Steve Morgan is husband to Jennifer, and father to two boys who love to read and draw. The Draw Wars series and Pen Pals book brand is a family project and passion, with everyone involved in the process!

Steve’s long-time leadership career in corporate America keeps him quite busy, so writing children’s books allows him to pursue another passion and creative outlet that his wife and sons can be actively involved in. Steve and his family hope that children and adults alike find joy, connection, humor and meaning in our books.

“Writing children’s books has brought my family closer together in a fun and unique way, and that’s exactly what we hope our readers enjoy from the books as well.”

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