Thursday, October 19, 2023

Today's read... Dictionary of Dinosaurs by Natural History Museum

An illustrated A to Z of every dinosaur ever discovered
by Natural History Museum
Illustrated by Dieter Braun
Wild Eyed Editions
Children's Nonfiction
184 pages 
ages 6 to 12


Find out about every dinosaur that’s ever been discovered in this Dictionary of Dinosaurs ! From aardonyx to zuniceratops, read about where they lived, what they ate, and much more.

Featuring firm favorites such as the T-rex, ankylosaurus, and triceratops , as well as lesser-known beasts like the baryonyx, rugops, and shanag , there's no dino left behind in this A-Z. Each entry includes a fact file, scale diagram, Latin name, and pronunciation. Best of all, each page is filled with a colorful, eye-popping illustration of the dinosaur , in conjunction with the Natural History Museum in London, England.

A 'How to Use this Book' page explains all you need to know for this to become your go-to guide to the dinosaur kingdom . The book also includes a timeline, showing which dinosaurs lived when and where, and how the Earth has changed over millions of years. Discover the different groups of dinosaurs, from ankylosaurs to titanosaurs . And find out how we even know about dinosaurs in the first place.

Dinosaur-loving kids will love this fact-fueled dictionary, written by leading paleontologists from the Natural History Museum. Help your young dino expert become familiar with the alphabet as they flick through these colorful creatures with ease. Eye-catching and informative, it’s a fun and exciting addition to any child’s bookshelf.

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Every dinosaur discovered gets a moment in the spotlight between brightly illustrated pages packed with information.

This book offers a wealth on individual dinosaur facts. Starting with a brief summary of the timeline, explanation of fossils, and a few general themes about dinosaurs, these pages dive into a list of every dinosaur and offers a bit of insight about each one. Going from A to Z, each two-page spread presents several dinosaurs. The Latin name is given, a pronunciation hint, the English translation (which adds fun), several facts surrounding the dinosaur, and a small, simple illustration showing the size compared to that of a human. The text is short, easy to understand, and delivers the facts nicely.

Each page holds a colorfully illustrated dinosaur (sometimes more than one). Every now and then, a fully illustrated page adds even more viewing enjoyment, which keeps the information from growing too heavy. 

Many of the mentioned dinosaurs are accompanied by interesting facts, which will delight dino-fans or those seeking more information. But it's the wealth on even lesser known dinosaurs, which make this a book worth taking a peek at. Around 60% to 70% of the dinosaurs are accompanied with a small paragraph about them. The others receive a mention with basic information, which might seem a bit disappointing but demonstrates how encompassing this book is, since there probably isn't as much known about these. 

It's a well-done read for those wanting to know more about dinosaurs and will offer facts that even the most well-studied fans probably didn't know before.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Over three hundred - that's a lot of dinosaurs.

Tonja Drecker said...

I know! But I guess it's not surprising that there were so many different ones...probably more than that