Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Happy Book Birthday, Science Comics: Frogs by Liz Prince!

It's time to scream out another book birthday...and this one hits one of my favorite genres. I'm always happy to get my hands on nonfiction, especially fun books, which make learning interesting. This read appears to do just that by taking a peek at frog knowledge and mixing it with a light story and in graphic novel form. It's aimed at the younger end of the middle grade group and chapter book readers.
Plus, I have a soft-spot for frogs.

Awesome Amphibians
by Liz Prince
First Second
Middle Grade Nonfiction
128 pages
ages 6 to 10

Hop to it with Science Comics: Frogs, a new volume of First Second's fan-favorite nonfiction graphic novel series!

With their signature sounds, athletic tongues, and bulging eyes, there’s a lot to love about frogs! But did you know that they soak up air and even liquid through their skin? Or that they use their eyes to swallow food? From tiny tadpoles in water to boisterous bullfrogs on land, the life cycle of these amphibious acrobats is one of the coolest examples of metamorphosis around. So pull up a lily pad and dive in, because the frog facts in this book will truly give you something to croak about!

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A wealth of frog knowledge comes across in a digestible and fun way.

Following the on-goings of a young, frog fan, this is a read which first allows the reader to connect with a kind and curious character before hitting the biological facts. There's just enough puny and situation humor to keep things light, family relationships to bring warmth and heart, and situations which will have readers opening their eyes in their own surroundings to embark on small explorations themselves.

The frog facts are interesting and well-delivered. These cover a wide range of frog stages and areas, giving the reader a general knowledge along with a few more details. This covers several varieties of frogs as well, and even lesser known ones. All of this is kept interesting and worked into the tale to keep those pages turning. Of course, the bright illustrations not only make the read light and quick, but also help with the science end to make some information come across more clearly. It's a great way to bring across information in a fun read. I received a DRC through Netgalley and enjoyed the fun delivery of the information.

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