Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Today's read... Superpowered Animals by Soledade Romero Marino

It's time for another nonfiction read! Today's book takes a peek at the animal kingdom and should showcase several animals with unexpected superpowers. I'm curious to see what's inside, which animals are chosen, and how well everything is explained. And I really hope the illustrations pay each creature justice. In other words, I'm placing high-expectations on this one, since there are quite a few animal reads out there, and that means it has to shine.

So, let's see if my expectations are met or not.

by Soledad Romero Marino
Illustrated by Sonia Polido
Phaidon France
Children's Nonfiction
60 pages
ages 4 to 10

OCTOBER 13th!!!

Inspired by books of world records, children are invited to learn fascinating facts about 22 of the most incredible animals on Earth Over thousands of years of evolution, certain animals have become masters of survival. They are capable of exceptional abilities, from perceiving sounds and smells that humans can't detect, to creating powerful chemical formulas



Twenty very different animals show their superpowers and hit the spotlight in this information-packed read.

This book is all about animal facts—super animal facts. Before the parade begins, the author lists the various animals and the page on which they will appear with a small illustration to keep things clear. Then, the types of superpowers are quickly presented with a short description and a symbol for easy classification and search purposes. After this, the animals are presented, one-by-one, each on a two-page spread with the animal in full color on the right and the information on the left.

The presented animals include a few lesser known ones but, for the most part, ones the reader has probably run across before. But that doesn't mean that this book doesn't pack many surprises. A short description of each creature is followed by a column of its powers (clearly symbolized and explained), and then, there's a column holding all sorts of other facts concerning the highlighted animal. Each explanation is written at an appropriate reading level and keeps the sentences worded with the readers in mind. It's interesting and will offer more than a few things readers probably didn't know. Plus, each animal is very well-illustrated and easy to identify.

It's a great read for animal fans or even to gain a bit more insight. Unfortunately, there isn't a list of which animals have which powers (for simple referencing purposes), but the rest is very well laid out and works great for libraries, homeschoolers, and group lessons as well.

And here they are...

Author Soledad Romero Mariño is an experienced children’s non-fiction author who specialises in ‘best of’ round-up style books. Her works include Awesome Accidents: 19 Discoveries that Changed the World and Famous Robberies: The World’s Most Spectacular Heists.

Illustrator of the international bestseller What a Shell Can TellSonia Pulido has proven market success with Phaidon books. Her illustrations have appeared in publications globally, including the New Yorker and the New York Times. In 2020 Pulido won the Spanish National Illustration Award.

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L. Diane Wolfe said...

I would've eaten that up as a kid. I loved any book about animals.