Friday, October 27, 2023

Today's read... Twins Mac and Madi Go Camping by Linda Herron

Today, I'm hitting another series I've taken a peek at before. This one circles around the everyday life adventures of a pair of twins and takes a wholesome peek at issues not only twins would understand. When I saw the ghost on this cover, I decided to fit it in to a Halloween read, although it probably won't slide in the same spooky direction. But then, campfires and camping can test fear's waters...weird sounds, shadows, the oddity of being outdoors at night. 

    by Linda Herron
Illustrated by Marie Delon
Big Little Press
Picture Book
ages 3 to 7

Embrace the joys of nature and embark on a delightful camping adventure with this fun and adorable children’s book!

Grab your tents and get ready for an amazing camping trip with twins Mac and Madi! Whether your idea of fun is canoeing in a crystal-clear lake, hiking with friends through the forest, or singing songs around the campfire while enjoying delicious s’mores, kids and adults alike will adore this cute rhyming story as they discover all the joys of the Great Outdoors.

Beautifully told with colorful illustrations that leap from every page, this children’s picture book teaches us the importance of spending time with loved ones and making memories that will last a lifetime. Twins Mac and Madi Go Camping serves as a brilliant gift idea for your kids and grandkids or as a great way to spark fun discussions about camping in nature.

Ideal for parents, caregivers, and educators, this fun tale will encourage twins and non-twins alike to appreciate nature, make new friends, and look forward to camping!

Are you ready to join Twins Mac & Madi on their camping adventure? Then scroll up and order your copy today!



The adventure draws in and comes across in the most delightful, natural way.

This isn't my first time joining Mac and Madi in an adventure, and this book was as delightful as the last one I picked up. The illustrations are bright and fulfill their purpose nicely. The rhyming is cute, has a few hiccups, but brings across the scenes and experiences in a natural way. And I think that's what makes this pair of characters and their stories so enjoyable. The tale is accessible and connects easily to the age group. The camping trip holds all the fun, emotions, unexpected moments, and activity such an adventure should. It's something the age group can identify with. 

Of course, I'm also won over by a series devoted to the unique (and not so unique) situations twins find themselves in. There's a lovely, sibling relationship, and even when the difference between the two are clear, the moments are wholesome and carry tons of goodness. 

It's a simple read, which is easy to enjoy. 

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