Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Happy Book Birthday, Mr. Zip's Windy Day by Annie Auerbach!

I have another book birthday to shout-out. This one has been released in celebration of Mr. Zip's 60th anniversary. I'll admit that I didn't have a clue who Mr. Zip was, but after learning more, was excited to join him on a little adventure. Mr. Zip was a cartoon character released in 1963 in connection with the United States Post Office to help spread the usage of zip codes. So, there's a wonderful historical hint to this release. 

On a personal note: After living in Ireland (a place without zip codes), I learned to see the system fro a very different view point. My husband helped oversee the installation of those gigantic sorting machines. The software development proved to be a bit of a challenge without the assistance of zip codes.  

Anyway, I'm excited to see Mr. Zip in action and wish him a happy anniversary!

by Annie Auerbach
Illustrated by Laura Catrinella
Curiosity Ink Media
Picture Book
ages 5 to 10

  Kids and families will love the interactive lift-the-flap element as they join Mr. ZIP for one windy adventure! Mr. ZIP and his trusty sidekick, B. Franklin, start their day in the mail room, then it’s time to begin the mail route. Unfortunately, when they begin their deliveries, a huge gust of wind blows the letters away! On a mission to track them down, Mr. ZIP and B. Franklin attempt to find every last letter. Will they be able to deliver them all before the day ends?

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Delivering mail packs friendly moments and a hint of adventure in this fun read.

Mr. Zip is off with his feathered helper, B. Franklin, to deliver the mail. This is a task both enjoy as they meet many familiar people. When the wind picks up and sends some of the mail flying, Mr. Zip is determined to find each letter and bring it where it belongs. 

Mr. Zip and B. Franklin radiate positivity and joy for their work. The smiles and greetings as they bring letters from one person to the next holds a simple goodness and neighborliness. The small adventure adds just the right amount of tension, while staying very age appropriate. Plus, the doors offer peeking fun and discovery on each page.

It's well made with bright illustrations. The text fits well to the intended age group and flows with a hint of rhyme. It's a cute read.

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Jean Davis said...

Throwing words on the page isn't for everyone. Glad to hear you found a method that works best for you though. I write year round but as you said, the group atmosphere and encouragement is great so I'll be there again.