Monday, October 9, 2023

Today's read... There's Something Out There by P.J. Night

Ghost stories belong to October like wet to rain. Today's read comes from a set of tales, which have already been proven to be enjoyed...but now, they're appearing as graphic novels, too!

You're Invited to a Creepover #5
The Graphic Novel
by P.J. Night
Simon & Schuster
Middle Grade Horror / Graphic Novel
160 pages
ages 8 to 12

The bestselling You’re Invited to a Creepover middle grade series comes to graphic novels with this fifth book about an overnight campout that gets a monstrous scare.

Jenna Sanchez has always been fascinated by the legend of the Marked Monster, the scarred half-bird, half-beast creature that is said to roam the forests around her hometown. But is it real or just a myth? Jenna decides to find out once and for all with a campout at her house where she and her friends can search for the legendary beast. But as Jenna starts to learn more about the Marked Monster, she realizes it may have roots more sinister than she ever could have imagined. Will her quest for the truth end with her being marked for life?

Creepy full-color graphic panels tell the story with the same horror as the original novel! This creepy tale is a level 4 on the Creep-o-Meter.

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With the perfect amount of spook and thrill, this tale reminds of a chilling, campfire-read in all the right ways.

According to town myth, the Marked Monster lurks in the shadows, waiting to find its next victim. Jenna has always been fascinated by the tale and is more than ready to use the creepy tones during a slumber party to scare her friends...especially since she found a gigantic talon stuck in a nearby tree to show them. When she accidentally gets scratched by the object, odd noises begin to haunt her, and there's reason to believe she might be the monster's next victim. 

While I haven't read this tale in its original form, the graphic novel won me over. It starts with a dark and tense scene to really dig in and sets-up a great backdrop for the rest of the tale. Every step comes closer to solving the mystery behind the myth, but also opens the door to more dangerous possibilities. It keeps the reader on the edge of their seat until the very last page.

Despite the spookiness, it stays appropriate for the age range and adds just enough reassurance to keep things from going over-the-top. There was a little more gore than I expected, but just enough to add to the sinister atmosphere and, again, doesn't go overboard. There's help from adults and friends, which also keeps it from going too dark. The graphics are also dreary at the right moments and help keep suspicions high.

It's a great read for those chilling moments, when readers have their flashlight and want to dive into the realm of chilling tales.

All about the author...

A lifelong night owl, P.J. Night often works furiously into the wee hours of the morning, writing down spooky tales and dreaming up new stories of the supernatural and otherworldly. Although P.J.’s whereabouts are unknown at this time, we suspect the author lives in a drafty, old mansion where the floorboards creak when no one is there and the flickering candlelight creates shadows that creep along the walls. We truly wish we could tell you more, but we’ve been sworn to keep P.J.’s identity a secret…and it’s a secret we will take to our graves!

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