Sunday, October 15, 2023

Today's read... Happy Halloweenie by Katie Vernon

by Katie Vernon
Little Simon
Board Book
30 pages
ages 3 to 8

A loveable hot dog named Weenie gets dressed up for Halloween in this fun and festive board book that will have little ones laughing out loud.

Weenie loves Halloween,
but try as they might,
just can’t decide
what to be on this night.

What will Weenie choose to be? Should they be cute or scary? Hairless or hairy? On a night like Halloween, the choices are endless!

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Silly fun, which is sure to cause giggles and smiles.

Weenie is a hotdog and excited about Halloween, but what to wear? The costume choices are varied and long, and each one needs to be tested to see if it works. The end result is more than a little unexpected too.

This is a funny read, which coasts through the ridiculousness of a hotdog in various costumes. It's simple and packed with a humor even the younger listeners will understand. The illustrations make each outfit sit. And each one will bring laughs and giggles. There is a bit of hotdog-pronoun-diplomacy in the beginning, but Weenie is all about costume fun making this a mere mention and nothing more. The ending might raise eyebrows but sings of creativity and will have listeners pointing out some things they might notice. 

All in all, it's humorous, cute, and maybe, will have readers looking at hotdogs in a slightly different way, especially at Halloween.

And here she is...

Katie Vernon is an illustrator who spent most of her life in the Midwest but whose heart belongs in the mountains. She now lives in Flagstaff, Arizona, and shares her studio with a large cricket that sings to her all day long. Katie has gathered lots of inspiration from being a florist, working with alpacas, and living on a bus. She loves working with inky paints and then arranging and adding detail digitally. When not creating art, Katie might be found rearranging furniture, thrifting with her hubby, biking with her daughter, and walking her dog. Find out more at

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