Monday, July 31, 2023

What's Coming in August?

It's August! That means the days of higher temperatures are numbered....I count down every year just waiting for the cooler weather to settle back in. I's going to be quieter, too, since another one of my sons is headed off to college. My house isn't empty, yet, but it's getting there. So, I'm going to be ready for a few more adventures and maybe some more writing time?

Anyway, this month holds a strange mix in my reading pile. I have several Mangas/graphic novels and more nonfiction than usual. A lot more. Young adult reads are a little more scarce, though, but the ones I do have promise to be very grabbing and dramatic. I think. I haven't read them, yet, but the appear to pack a punch. 

So, without any further babbling and nonsense, here's a glimpse at what will be hitting this blog in the next weeks.


I found the cover so inviting. If I happened to walk by this store, I'd pop in for a snack. The book is about the girl and how she helps the man, Lolo, to run his store. I'm betting young readers will be wanting to open their own stores after reading this one and see what they can sell, too. I'll be hitting this one right away on the 1st.

Picture Book


The Summer heat is leading my thoughts towards refreshing water and swimming in the waves, and this novel...rather, Manga...caught my attention. It's about a teen sea sprite and underwater-school and family drama. There should be quite a bit of humor built in, too. I'm looking forward to diving into this one on the 4th.

Young Adult Fantasy / Manga


The biggest farts of history...yep, this one will catch young readers' eyes. 'Fart' is taken in the very, very broad sense, and should make several aspects of history come across in a slightly different light. I'm, honestly, not sure what to expect with this one, and that's why I'm excited to give it a go. We're taking a peek on the 9th.

Children's Nonfiction


I've been hearing whispers about this one in the kidlit world for several months, now, and was excited to get my hands on a copy. It's going to be a bit darker read with a few triggers (or so I've heard), but then, should slide into magic and revenge. I'm expecting gritty and tense. Be prepared for the 10th, when I finally take a peek and tell you what I found.

Young Adult Paranormal


It's mystery time! I can't have a month without, at least, one of these. This one takes two young sleuths on a summer vacation to a mystery museum...I think? The director disappears, and they receive letters to solve clues and such to find him, but this takes them to more secrets than they wanted to know. It's said to be clever and I'll be diving in on the 12th.

Middle Grade Mystery


This one had me curious as soon as I saw that it involves a jar of magical coins, which transport a girl where ever and whenever (time/space) she wants to go. There should be tons of secrets even surrounding Lillian herself. I'm expecting quite a bit of imagination and adventure in these pages, and can't wait to dive in and tell you more on the 18th.

Middle Grade Fantasy


I found the cover adorable and, why is that rain spout so crooked? I'm wondering if this one hits the over-beloved nursery rhyme or if other adventures lay in store. Either way, I'll find out and tell you all about it on the 21st.

Picture Book


When I was offered to take a peek at this read, my answer was an immediate 'yes' (I might have been hungry at the time, too). Not only am I hoping it will hold all sorts of fun facts about's always great for young readers to learn, right?...but should invite readers to cook themselves. Get that water boiling for the 24th, when I'll be revealing if it's worth the time or not.

Picture Book Nonfiction / Cookbook


I guess it's nitty-gritty month in my YA direction as this read, again, approaches tougher themes. It circles around a girl, who finds herself living with her famous aunt & uncle in Hollywood...which makes her famous. I haven't dived into a read like this for awhile and will tell you all about it on the 30th.

Young Adult Contemporary


My sons enjoyed the D&D movie that came out a few months ago quite a bit. So, when I saw that this novel feeds in something similar, I wanted to take a peek. It snuggles up with a mystery surrounding a 'Midnight Lake', which sounds ominous. The cover promises tons of action and monsters, so I'm ready to dive in for an adventure on the 29th.

Middle Grade Fantasy

I think I could live hundreds of life times and still never have enough time to read all the amazing books out there. So many new ones are begin added each and every day, too. While my reading pile isn't nearly that big (that'd be insanely large if it was), it still holds more reads than I could ever tackle in a month. Since the publishing industry is also unpredictable, and my schedule can shift suddenly, I keep a book or two at the very top of the pile, knowing I'll get to them. Somehow. This month's read, which I'm determined to weave in at one point is:


This is a manga (I think it is, anyway) and caught my attention not only because of the wonderful tree with houses on the cover but also because it's about a monster hunter, whose profession has become useless and, now, creates homes for monsters. It should hold quite a few fun twists and creatures. Plus, I'm looking forward to see what they look like. When will I share this one? Well, that's the question, isn't it.

Young Adult Fantasy  /   Manga


Natalie Aguirre said...

The cover of Lolo is cute. My nephew gave my late husband that nickname when he was a kid. And your YA and MG books look interesting too.

Ms. Yingling said...

Congratulations on your son going off to college! Just remember how you felt at that age and think of all of the adventures he will have. And yes, more quiet time for you, and time for remaining offspring. It is hard to keep track of all of the books coming out, and December is looking bleak for middle grade, so maybe you'll have a chance to get ahead a bit!

Tonja Drecker said...

Natalie - That's neat! It's such a nice sounding name too.

Ms Yingling - I don't usually look that far ahead, but it's that bad, is it?