Sunday, July 2, 2023

Mommy and Daddy's Day with Miss Matched by Wendy Million

It's time for a Mommy and Daddy's Day read. While I usually concentrate on kidlit, every now and then, I put it in a read for adults. After all, parents love to read, too. These books don't hold more 'intense' material than the average, upper young adult read.

Today's read falls into the sweet romance category with just a pinch of a little more simmer...definitely nothing steamier than I've seen in quite a few reads for those 14 and over. I agreed to take a peek at this one because I'm pretty sure a few parents out there love to pick up a silly romance to read out in the sun (I might be picturing beaches and waves as I type this). 

by Wendy Million
Wattpad Books
368 pages

When matchmaking software pairs a woman with her worst ex, she gets a unique second chance to connect with the love of her life.

After years of bad dates, Tayla Murphy has decided it’s finally time she found her ideal partner, so she pays a hefty fee for a cutting-edge “soulmate” matching service. But the infallible algorithm must have a serious glitch, because it pairs her with the one man on Earth she never wants to see Simon―the man who left her heart in pieces when he broke off their engagement six years ago. Tayla would rather cut her losses, but if she’s going to move forward with her life, she needs the money back.

Then Simon shows up on her doorstep, promising Tayla he can get her a refund by showing the service that the match was wrong. But he wants her to really prove they aren’t meant to be―by dating him for the next month. Even though he thinks the service is a fraud, Simon has been desperate for a second chance with Tayla ever since he messed up their shot at happily-ever-after. They still have an amazing connection, but a lot has happened in the time they were apart. So is this a mismatch or a perfect match?

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With cute twists and an impossible situation, this takes the problems of modern day dating and turns it onto its head.

Tayla has feared love for more than a few years...ever since her ex's marriage proposal turned into a huge fiasco. Still, she wishes it wasn't so. In a move which leaves her savings account dry, she signs up at the newest and most amazing dating service for the single opportunity to find her true soulmate. After all, it hasn't failed anyone, yet. When the name of her ex appears on the digital screen, she's sure it's just a name coincidence...until her ex walks through her vet door to announce he's been chosen as her future man. Obviously, that computer made a huge mistake, but to get her money back, her ex needs to work with her. And that may be harder than both of them ever imagined.

This is a romance with a dash of humor and enough awkwardness to border between heart-filled-moments and laughter. The situation almost leans toward scifi-tech miracles in the beginning but steers clear enough to glide into modern day silliness, misunderstandings, a social mishaps. Told from both Tayla's and Simon's perspectives, their inner-struggles come across clearly, and that while neither seems to be able to bring their true feelings and intentions across. They both stumble and bumble in the odd situation, while trying their best to balance expectations and misunderstandings with their true feelings. It makes both easy to root for despite their past and won over more than I expected a 'second chance' romance would. It's an easy read with tons of smiles and heart.

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Natalie Aguirre said...

I've just been thinking that I should think about trying a romance. This sounds like a fun one. Glad you shared it with us today.