Saturday, July 22, 2023

Today's read... The Bubble Kiss Adventure by Lynnette Adair

Finley and Grandma Goldy
by Lynnette Adair
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 2 to 5

Finley the fish makes a HUGE bubble
when he tries to blow a kiss
to his Grandma Goldy.

Grandma Goldy gets the giggles
as the bubbles grow SUPER fast
and even come out in different colors!

As Finley blows more and more bright bubbles,
the room fills up to the ceiling
and he can’t find his Grandma!

The Bubble Kiss Adventure is fun to read
and even more rewarding to watch,
as little ones learn to finish the sentences
and “POP” the bright bubbles
while identifying each color.

This interactive book will excite young readers
as they help Finley the fish find his Grandma Goldy.

This lyrical, rhyming book is perfect for children ages 2-5.



Hugs and kisses from Grandmother become even more colorful and fun in this adorable read.

Finley loves his grandmother, and she gives the most wonderful kisses. When he decides to return the favor, he accidentally creates a gigantic bubble instead. But if there's any embarrassment, it's cut short thanks to games these colorful bubbles create.

This is a read for grandmothers and their grandchildren, and will invite to cuddles and smiles galore. Thanks to Grandmother's big lips, these kisses carry tons of warmth and love. But even kiss-shy readers will be drawn in as the bubbles form and overtake each and every page in a rainbow of bubbliness. Not only does this slide into a cute chance to learn the basic colors, but holds a whimsical atmosphere as the bubbles offer chances for hide-and-seek and more. 

The illustrations radiate family love and invite with their carefree scenes. The fish are made with tons of care and appear as if they sparkle and shine. This especially fits well to Grandma and her wonderful, puffy lips...a little bit of extravagance which slides into her personality perfectly. The text changes and mixes right into every scene, making a great read-aloud. When it doesn't flow with pretty smooth rhyme, the playfulness takes over to guarantee, at least, a smile or two.

It's a fun read with a simple plot, which invites to cuddles and play...which is just right for the age group.

And here she is...

Lynnette Adair is a beach-loving, empty nester who feels as though she has lived a thousand lives and confident that she will never run out of ideas. She is the successful author of a Women's Fiction novel, The Sea Sprite Inn. Now, with the arrival of THREE grandbabies in one year, Lynnette's interest in Children's Picture Books has blossomed.

After writing three stories - one for each baby - Lynnette couldn't resist learning how to illustrate too! This decision has made her question her own sanity. The Bubble Kiss Adventure is her debut picture book.

She has tried her hand at an incredible list of jobs including an insurance agent, city planner, professional ballroom dancer, and Air Force veteran, but her favorite reinvention is becoming an author.

Her short story “The Magical Suit” was published in Beach Days, where it caught the eye of the publisher and led to her novel,The Sea Sprite Inn.

Lynnette lives with her husband in Venice, Florida.

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