Monday, July 3, 2023

Today's read... Grimwood by Nadia Shireen

They say the laughter is one of the best medicine, smiling is good for the health, and positivity is good for the soul. That makes today's read practically a must to pick up and enjoy. I guess? This book has done well for several years, now, and is being re-released for another run. I hadn't heard of it before but it does sound like quite a bit of ridiculous fun.

I'm grabbing my sunglasses and leaning back, expecting to have a great time with this read.

Grimwood, Vol. 1
by Nadia Shireen
Andrews McMeel Publishing
Middle Grade Humor
240 pages
ages 8 to 12

Foxes on the run! A crabby cat out for revenge! Fox cub siblings Ted and Nancy are being chased by Princess Buttons––the scariest street cat in the Big City. Running for their lives, the pair flees for Grimwood—a peaceful town in the countryside. The only problem? Grimwood is NOT as they expected.

When Ted and Nancy arrive in Grimwood, instead of peace and quiet, they’re met with thieving eagles, dramatic ducks, riotous rabbits, and a whole host of unusual characters. Grimwood is . . . weird. But when Princess Buttons tracks them down, they must unite with the other animals of Grimwood in a mind-bending race against time!
Dynamically illustrated and narrated by a hilarious cockroach (and bus driver) named Eric Dynamite, this chapter book series is perfect for young readers who love animals and are looking for big laughs. A story of friendship, humor, and adventure, Grimwood will delight both children and adults.

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Silliness, adventure, friendship, and all sorts of unexpected mishaps and moments create tons of ridiculous humor with animals to root for.

Ted and Nancy are sibling foxes, who lived in the city until a very obnoxious Princess Buttons (spoiled-to-the-max-cat) forces them to move to the Grimwood forest and stay out of her sight. Luckily, the great outdoors isn't quite as grim as its name. Although they're off to a rough start, have tons to discover, and are still running from a ridiculous cat, Ted and Nancy are in for all sorts of the most unexpected ways.

While this is a book with all sorts of animals, it is by no means a book just for animal fans. There is snappy dialogue, hilarious back-and-forths, edge-of-the-seat tension, and even heart. It's wacky and yet, holds so much more as Ted and Nancy have to deal with all sorts of situations around them, while also battling usual sibling problems. The other creatures add everything from help to irritation to threatening moments, and each of these has a very distinct personality, which pops off the page. And that with a guarantee of constant laughs and snorts.

The illustrations add to the humor and are sprinkled in generously. While the first pages had me wondering if it will be carried by illustrations, this is a true chapter book with tons of visual fun. The text sticks at a reading level, which requires a surety of words and strengthens vocabulary here and there. It's a read to enjoy and launches off the series in the right way.

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