Monday, May 1, 2023

Happy Book Birthday, Let's Play Hide-and-Seek! from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

I get to start this month with a book birthday! A pre-birthday, that is, by one day. This board book for the youngest readers out there hits the shelves tomorrow. It comes from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, an off-shoot of the iconic Mr. Roger's Neighborhood series, but I'll admit, I've never watched this new show. The characters on the front do appear adorable, though, and I can't think of any kids who don't enjoy a good game of hide-and-seek. Plus, there are flaps. I love flaps. So, this one has all the makings to be a lovely board book, I think.

Let's head in and find out if it is.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
adapted by Marie Le
Illustrated by Jason Fruchter
Simon Spotlight 
Board Book
14 pages
ages 0 to 3

A new generation of children love Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood , inspired by the classic series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood !

Daniel Tiger plays hide-and-seek with his friend Jodi in this adorable board book with lift-the-flaps based on a popular episode of the show!

Help Daniel and Jodi as they play hide-and-seek and try to find Jodi’s twin brothers. Are they hiding in the blanket fort? Or behind the couch? Young readers can lift flaps as they search!

© 2023 The Fred Rogers Company



This board book centers around the popular game hide-and-seek and invites the youngest readers to join in on the game themselves. Daniel and Jodi, two characters from the popular Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood series, are on a search for Jodi's brothers, who have hidden themselves somewhere in Jodi's house. The reader is asked to help peer under blanket piles and other places to see if they can be discovered there.

This is a cute, little read, which invites in not only with friendly characters but also with flaps, which help young readers get directly involved with the story. Daniel speaks directly to the reader, requesting them to look in certain places. This makes the reader feel as if they are really involved. At each hinted place, there is a flap (about one on each 2-page spread). These are made of thicker carton, fairly large, easy to open, and will hold up to a little wear and tear due to usage. Of course, there is always something to be discovered even if it isn't one of the siblings. 

The book is easy to understand and makes a perfect read-aloud or works well for young readers to flip through on their own and explore. While fans of the show are sure to enjoy this one, even those who don't watch it will have no trouble diving right in.

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