Sunday, May 7, 2023

Today's read... The Fearless Girl and the Little Guy with Greatness by Mort Greenberg and Carly Greenberg

Today's read heads into the realm of positive attitudes surrounding self, others and life. This motivational series is sold as an interactive book between parent/guardian and child to help develop healthier skills in dealing with life. It's the first in a series...and I'm told that the next two books are coming out this month with a third in June. More are already in the making as well.

by Mort Greenberg & Carly Greenberg
Tuck Em' In Publishing
Children's Activity / Motivational
44 pages
ages 3 to 10 

From an early age there was always a back and forth with this father daughter team pushing each other to think through questions or problems to come up with an answer. It did not matter if an answer was right or wrong but having a way to talk through situations was most important.

This book is for children 3 – 10 years of age, but can be helpful for any person that wants to improve upon important life scenarios. If you are a parent / caregiver tucking in your child at night, or a teacher, or a librarian looking to engage with a group of kids, this book is for you. Learn how to handle yourself in important life situations. Parents, Teachers and Push your kids to be their best self, and gently pressure test them with real life scenarios.

44+ pages in a workbook format to improve interaction with kids around you. This is meant to be an interactive back and forth with parent or guardian and child… The caregiver asks the question, and then the child answers the question, then the caregiver explains the answer, the caregiver then asks the child to give an example. On each scenario page there is room for the child to write an answer out to bring these conversations to life and save memories to review days or years later.

Section 1: Making The Most of Your Day : Three questions: What type of person are you? “I am a Take Charge Person!”, How do you get good at something?  “Practice, Practice, Practice” What is life all about? “Life is all about making choices”.

Section 2: Interacting with Other People : Three questions: How do you hear others?  “Listen”, What if you are not able to do something alone?  “Ask for Help”, How do you fix a problem? “Improvise, Adapt & Overcome”.

Section 3: Become the Best You Can Be : Four questions: Is it OK to forgive people?  “Always Have Love in Your Heart”, What is the best way to learn about new topics?  “Ask Questions, Lots of Questions”, How do you become a good friend?  “Take Care of Those That Are Good to You”, How do you make your body feel good?  “Exercise & Eat Healthy Every day”

Section 4: Growing Up & Going to Three questions -What do you want to be when
you grow up?  “A great communicator”, Do you always need to work hard?  “Always work
hard to help make some of your own luck”, What do good businesses have?  “Profits!”.



This is the first book in a series, which centers around helping kids to how to think and interact with others to form healthier situations. It isn't one to simply shove into a child's hands but acts as an interactive resource for parents/guardians to work through the book together with their child. 

It reminds of a colorful workbook, in some respects, and is divided into chapters according to themes, such as 'Making the Most of Your Day' and 'Interacting With Other People'. Each of these is then broken down into several more exact situations, which are explored with a few quick thoughts and explanations. Through this, a foundation is built, which serves to launch thoughts and discussions between the parent and child. There is then a lined space, where the child answers a fitting question, which helps them relate the theme to their own lives.

While this might sound long and involved, it's not. The text is kept short and direct, and definitely does not bog down. I was, actually, surprised how light and brief it's kept. Each two-page spread holds its own theme, making this a book to pick up and revisit in short bursts. So, great for those with short attention spans. It's a very personal book, since kids are invited to fill in their own life experiences or thoughts.

The illustrations are bright, bold, and portray fitting situations and emotions for each theme. This book is about positivity, and that comes across loud and clear. It is fitting for the intended age group, and is a lovely, very simple resource for anyone wanting to go explore this direction with their own child.

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