Friday, May 5, 2023

Today's read... A Mark in the Road by Angelique Burrell

I'm hitting a DRC today (digital-advanced reader copy for those who might not know), which won't peek out its head until the beginning of October...right in time for the spookier season and more thrilling reads. Usually, I don't grab up books quite this far in advance, but the blurb on this one caught my attention. Skid marks + visions + missing girl sounds like it could be amazing. Ready to see if you should put this one in your sights? 

by Angelique Burrell
Monarch Educational Services LLC
YA Thriller

OCTOBER 3rd!!!

18-year-old Mason dreads the skid marks left by braking tires. Every near miss, dead animal, injured person--they all play like a soundless documentary in his head. He doesn't understand the purpose of his visions since he can't use the knowledge to help anyone.

When his on-again-off-again crush Addie begs him to drive cross-country to help her move, he must face what he thought was his greatest fear -- the open road. But a tire mark left on a desolate road near a missing woman's car changes everything.

As he searches for clues, he and Addie drive closer to trouble and risk losing everything.


Harmless high school life combines with a road-trip and meets a thriller to keep the reader on the edge of their seat.

Mason has visions every time he sees a skid mark on the road, but he's never told anyone about them. Only his best friend and forever-neighbor, Addie, has heard his tales. She believes he's simply making up stories to entertain her, and Mason thinks it's best that way. When Addie's parents suddenly announce that the family is moving across the country, Mason is devastated. Luckily, Addie invites him to accompany her and the family dog on a road trip to the new home, since a flight would worry the pet and she needs the drive time to come to terms with the change in her life. But the trip also terrifies Mason. There will be hundreds of skid marks along the way...hundreds of visions to experience. After preparing himself by searching for past accidents along the route, he runs across a recent one, which lures out past memories. He wants to drive over these specific skid marks to figure out what his visions mean, but he's not ready for what he and Addie will find.

Mason is a good guy with a good heart, and Addie, his neighbor, while not quite as mature, knows how to stand her ground. The two create a great duo. The first quarter of the book offers plenty of character depth and fun banter, too. Not only does the reader gain a decent grip on Mason's visions but can sympathize with Addie as she leaves friends behind. These first chapters were a bit slow for action fans like me, and I wished there were more interactions with Addie's friends, especially her boyfriend...who only for a short scene. Mason and Addie are adorable and do dig deep into the reader's heart, which is important for the rest of the read.

When the more thrilling aspects get going, they dig in deep. The mix of skid marks and visions isn't only original but draws in. I'll never look at brake rubs on pavement the same way again. Mason's visions echo reality and lay the groundwork as the author sneaks in short chapters to start the first chilling vibes. As a reader, my curiosity was begging to find out more, when the action and mystery did start. The thriller end held many twists and turns with tension and danger, while letting the two main characters shine. It was quick-paced without losing the heart set-up during the first chapters and delivered on the darker-suspense, while letting Mason and Addie's cleverness shine. 

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