Sunday, April 30, 2023

What's Coming in May?

April showers bring May flowers! This year, the saying seems to hold some truth. Last year, we entered a drought when May hit, but these last weeks, it's been raining right along. 

I am sliding my reading in as I can while enjoying the sunshine, when it peeks through. Which is great because I have quite a few interesting books coming up this month. My pile holds two books, which feature main characters pretending to be vampires (which made me go 'huh'), and there are several tales with darker tones...but several humorous ones, too. Then, I'm going to be hitting an entire run of picture books at the end of the month, so anyone interested in reads for ages 4 to 8 is going to want to tune in during those days. Plus, I have more graphic novels than usual coming up. Add all of the other odds and ends thrown in between, and it should be as colorful as those buds popping up in my garden.


I'm so ready for some nitty-gritty scifi, and this one appears to offer adventure pure. A girl uses a chance to be on the 1st space colony as an escape from the problems on Earth, only to have life wiped out after she leaves. Now, her and the crew are fighting to survive on their own. I'm hoping for tons of tension in this one, and I'll find out if it keeps me on the edge of my seat or not on the 4th.

Young Adult Science Fiction


I found this cover adorable! It's about a freshly hatched bird's adventures as she falls out of the nest and gets lost in a wide world, which she had no clue existed. I'm thinking themes like friendship and courage are going to be in this one. We'll find out on the 6th.

Picture Book


Sold as Ghost Squad meets Hotel Transylvania, I'm expecting this one to be quite the wild ride. It centers around a girl, who pretends to be a vampire and is thrilled about attending a LARPing summer camp only to discover that it's for real monsters. Doesn't that sound fun? Find out with me on the 12th how creepily thrilling this one is.

Middle Grade Paranormal Humor


I'm expecting this bright, green read to harbor mystery and heart. It rotates around the loss of a beloved grandmother, dealing with her passing, and weaving a mystery in with hints of a ghost...or not. This one seems to walk a border between reality and imagination. I'll find out more on the 7th.

Middle Grade Contemporary


This one sounded so interesting! It centers around a teen boy, who enters a new school where the kids are vampire crazy. So, he takes the chance to become uber popular by claiming he's a vampire...which is going to be quite interesting since this is sold as a pure contemporary read. No magic. Not really. I'll let you know what I think on the 15th.

Young Adult Contemporary


This is the 1st in a brand new series from Scott Reintgen (I do enjoy his books!) and is sold as a One of Us is Lying meets A Deadly Education but tossed into a fantasy world with wizards, magic, portals, and tons of danger.
It sounds dark, thrilling, and I'm taking a peek on the 18th.

Young Adult Fantasy


When I read the blurb on this one, there was no way I was going to pass up a chance to take a peek. It takes a boy on a wild ride through time, meeting historical figures and events but all with the twist that something is amiss. It sounds like adventure, action, heart, and maybe a little humor, too? Considering there's a talking dinosaur involved, this could go in many directions. I'm jumping in on the 19th.

Middle Grade Historical / Adventure


The flowery, good-vibes radiating from this cover are what caught my attention. Plus, this one is about a sweet dog, new friendships, and the hunt for a lost treasure. It sounds like it could be a winning mix and find out if it is with me on the 20th.

Picture Book


I know so many readers, who adore horses. So when I saw that this book is coming out this coming October, I was thrilled to get an early peek. It promises tons of beautiful photos of horses in the wild. I'm betting it will offer some information and facts about them as well. We're going to gallop into this one on the 25th.

Middle Grade Non-Fiction Picture Book

This read was a nominee to the Goodread's list for Young Adult Fantasy of the year (2022). It's the first in a series and book two will be coming out soon, too. Centering around Shanghai, spies, and the 1930's, I'm hoping this one is as exciting as it sounds.

Young Adult Historical Fantasy

Every month, I find myself staring down a humongous to-be-read pile, and there's no way I can get to every book. So, I choose one book, which I'm determined to squeeze into my packed schedule, somehow. This month's joker falls into the picture book category!


When I saw this one, I wanted to dive right in. It has such a Spring atmosphere to it, and with the child and grandparent (?), it seemed like one with tons of heart, too. I'm expecting warm feelings, family relationships, and all sorts of goodness in these pages. OH, and I hope that little doggie adds some fun, too. I can't say when I'll get to it, yet, but I am definitely going to wiggle it in.

Picture Book

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You have a lot to read. I'm impressed. Foul language Fortune sounds really good.