Sunday, May 14, 2023

Today's read... Max Mallard Has An Adventure by Doris Dumrauf

We're heading into nature with today's read in a tale about ducks. I haven't picked up an animal tale with true to life photos in a while. So when I saw this, I did smile. 

Plus, the duck hits a little home. Thanks to a pair of ducks we recently adopted from someone, who couldn't care for them anymore, I've gained a new perspective on the creatures. Our pair never parts (waddle around as if a wire connects them), quack quite a bit, and...well, let's just say they aren't the most intelligent animals. We, literally, have to dip their heads into a watering container so they know it's there. Same thing for the wading pool we picked up for them (we have a pond, but they'll have to walk a little to get there).

Anyway, let's head on into the world of ducks, shall we? 

by Doris Dumrauf
Picture Book
ages 4 to 8

Max Mallard is a shy young duck who is afraid to be on his own. When he finds himself all alone, he learns from other animals that he is indeed ready to face the world with courage and confidence.


This is a sweet trip into ducks, animals, and nature. The tale follows Max Mallard (a mallard duck) on a short adventure. Young readers will have no problem sympathizing with him when he's separated from others and finds himself all alone. The insecure feelings are easy to identify with and will ring true with young listeners/readers from similar experiences. Max is a duck to root for and when he finds courage, it's inspiring.

The photos make this book. Animal fans will enjoy flipping through each one as Max and other animals come into the spotlight. It's nature pure, which makes the scenes enjoyable to sink into. Plus, there's a bit of learning about nature (subtly) as well. 

It's a calming read with a lovely duck and makes a nice rear-aloud.

And here she is...

Doris Dumrauf grew up in the West German state of Rheinland-Pfalz, a region with a huge concentration of U.S. military bases. Her childhood experiences, combined with her long employment on a U.S. air base and a love of history, became the inspiration for her novel "Oktober Heat." After moving to the United States in 1995, Doris published numerous articles in magazines and newspapers. Her second novel "Shiloh Valley" follows three German immigrants from a failed revolution to the battlefields of the U.S. Civil War. (goodreads)

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