Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Today's read... Lost and Found by Steenz

It's graphic novel time! Today's read is the second in the 'A Heart of the City' series. Of course, I didn't read the first one because that wouldn't be me. This read slides along the daily life of middle graders and swings around friendship and the humor found in life situations. I'm a more than a little curious to see how fun this group of friends can be.

A Heart of the City Collection
by Steenz
Andrews McMeel
Middle Grade Contemporary / Graphic Novel
176 pages
ages 9 to 12

The second book collection of Heart of the City comics by Steenz digs deeper into the adventures, friendships, and daily dramas of Heart Lamarr, a girl from Philadelphia with big dreams of heading straight from middle school to Broadway stardom.

From renowned cartoonist Steenz comes the second book in the Heart series that follows Heart Lamarr, a middle school student in Philadelphia. The delightful blend of hilarious and heartwarming, Heart is back with another adventure filled with laughs, friendship, and always some trouble. A true slice-of-life story about middle school, this book is perfect for middle-grade readers.



Friendship, middle school drama, and a touch of situation comedy come together in this graphic novel to create a light, enjoyable read.

Heart might have stardom dreams, but first, she needs to make it through middle school. Surrounded by a wonderful group of friends, each one steers through every day situations as best they can. Add a little mystery on top of things, and life is sure to be interesting with this bunch.

Note: I did not read the first book in the series, but that wasn't a problem. This works very well as a stand-alone. 

The tale rotates around four friends with Heart at the center. While they have a wonderful friendship, working together at every twist and turn, they each have their own lives and struggles outside of the group. This allows a wide range of situations to roll into the mix, while the group works together on other events such as the lost and found mystery. The group is supportive, wholesome, and has their own quirks, which create a light sense of humor as well.

The graphics are well done and carry an original style. Each scene brings across the moment and emotions well, while creating a nice balance with the dialogue and thoughts. Some of the scenes did come across disjointed, which broke the flow, but in general, it's enjoyable and easy to get lost in.

This is a spice-of-life, and the humor flows right along in this direction. The situations stay close to real life, allowing readers to connect with the characters on a personal level and smirk or chuckle as they recognize some of the moments. So this book isn't as strong on the humor as it is on life drama. There are more than a few messages along with the heart, making this one for readers, who enjoy middle school drama, friendship, and everything that entails.

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