Thursday, May 11, 2023

Happy Book Birthday, Harriet's Hungry Worms by Samantha Smith!

This month is a huge celebration of book birthdays! This one, actually, came out two days ago, but you know me...always willing to celebrate as long as possible. Today's read looked so cute that I couldn't pass up taking a quick peek. And I think I might want to get some worms of my own now.

by Samantha Smith
Illustrated by Melissa Johns
EK Books
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

This funny, engaging eco story invites young readers to follow the adventures of Harriet’s ravenous compost worms as they munch their way through their wide and wonderful weekly menu. Harriet’s nine-hundred-and-eighty-three hungry worms live in a shady corner of her backyard in a big, green box. They spend their days munching on anything from Aunt Tilda’s herbal teabags to the sports pages of Uncle Sam’s paper. Harriet watches and waits, eventually deciding the worms are ‘so BORING.’ Until one day, the worms leave Harriet a big surprise … worm wee! Packed with worm facts, Harriet’s Hungry Worms is the ideal companion for worm warriors and curious composters keen to roll their sleeves up and put their kitchen food scraps to good use. Continuing the sustainability message, inventive illustrations incorporating recycled materials bloom from each page, breathing beautiful life into this fun-filled story.



Wiggly, squiggly worms smile and eat on every page to create a composting delight.

Everyone in Harriet's family has an animal/creature they are responsible for. Harriet's job is to look after the hundreds and hundreds of worms living in a box in the yard. She feeds them every day, watching them munch through leftover granola and more. But as the days go by, the worms do nothing more than eat and boring! But then, Harriet discovers something on the box, which completely changes her view.

These pages swing around worms and composting in the cutest way. The content worms crawl and play on every page, while Harriet watches and feeds them. It creates a very cheerful atmosphere, which will have even those, who aren't so taken by worms, wishing they could have some of these to take care of. 
While these worms are, indeed, entertaining, the reality of worms not really being exciting pets doesn't go unignored and Harriet's disappointment is least, in reality. (These worms are anything but boring.) The idea of composting and how it benefits gardens rounds off the tale, and what I especially appreciated, makes the theme clear but very concise. So, young readers/listeners learn the purpose behind it, but the worms in all their cuteness, remain on center stage.

The illustrations are colorful, busy, energetic, and bring across the same style as compost. These are created with a mix of various mediums to give it a texture and vivid atmosphere. The worms are multi-colored and patterned but hold earthy tones, which seem to mix with the background, and yet, they don't. It makes it fun to search through each image and see what there is to find.

At the end of the book, there are tips and hints concerning composting and worms, which inspires young readers/listeners to try it themselves. Which also means that this is a great way to launch into a composting project for both groups and individuals.

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