Sunday, February 28, 2021

Review: Angel and the Butterfly by Darlene Mallich


by Darlene Mallich
Illustrated by Alaina Luise
Mascot Books
Picture Book
ages 4 to 8

Angel felt lost and confused, unable to find his way in the world after straying too far from home. What could he do? With the help of his new friend, Butterfly, Angel is guided into an exciting adventure just by following the clues right in front of him. Join Angel on his journey to discover the true meaning of a loving home.



Cat fans are sure to enjoy this one. It's the story of a very sweet cat, Angel, who wanders too far and can't find his way home. When he runs into a friendly butterfly, he's not sure what to think but soon finds a new friend.

The illustrations are very bright and bold in this one, and super fun to gaze at. They bring Angel to life in all of his antics. Even his emotions and adventure is brought across nicely. Plus, he's super lovers are sure to love him. But then, it is a warming tale. While pretty straight forward and simple, the book joins Angel as he finds a new friend in an unexpected form. Friendship is obviously a key point in this one. But so is family and what it means to be loved.

It's the kind of book which leaves a smile on the face and warm feelings in the heart.

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