Friday, February 19, 2021

Review: Goodnight Box by Michael B. Horn and Tracy Kim Horn

Today's book leans more toward a specific audience but can also inspire young listeners to want to get up and try some of the activities themselves. I found it well done and thought that maybe some of you would enjoy the chance to learn about it, too. After all, there are quite a few little athletes and kids, who simply love to move around.

by Michael B. Horn and
Tracy Kim Horn
Illustrated by Agus Projogo
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 3 to 7

A favorite book for fitness enthusiasts, Goodnight Box introduces your child to a lifetime of health and wellness (WARNING: may inspire sleep-deprived adults to work out). Highlighting a diversity of functional movements from box jumps to deadlifts, the story is a perfect addition to your nighttime bed routine- or for those with spirited children, your evening WOD. Every book purchased supports non-profit organizations that connect at-risk youth with mentors to help them fulfill their potential and develop lifelong habits of success



                                          * for those familiar with the CrossFit fitness program
                                          * listeners will recognize equipment and exercises
                                          * great for bedtime


This book is intended for readers/listeners, who are involved in or familiar with the CrossFit fitness program, or those who love to work out in the gym. I'm not familiar with the program but am familiar with the equipment and such.

The text in this one is very simple, making it great for even younger listeners and those who have trouble sitting still for long. It briefly describes various activities using single sentences, which are direct and yet, pack excitement and energy. The tale starts out in an empty gym, slowly builds with simple stretches and exercises, and then launches into the various possibilities, portraying kids as they swing, hop, lift and such. Toward the end, it slows down again and shows as the gym closes down.

I enjoy the arc in this one as it sweeps through the activities and calms down again, which makes for a nice bedtime or quite time read. And yet, it inspires with the activities, allowing the illustrations to show how much energy and fun the kids have as they go from one station to the next. The various equipment is mentioned, and then shown in the illustration. It's a wonderful balance between the two.

While this one won't be for every listener, those who are familiar with the activities or hang out in gyms will enjoy it quite a bit...and maybe find some inspiration on things they want to try themselves.

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