Saturday, December 5, 2020

Review: Samson C. Turtle and the Deep Breath by Clare Flory and Lily Uivel

 Today's book is rather timely with COVID and all the other fears building up and gaining attention around us. It's about anxiety and how to deal with it. Usually, I'm not a huge fan of self-help books, but this one not only has the sweetest sea turtle in the world (seriously, can I just snuggle him?) but attacks the topic of how to calm down in a well thought out way. 

So, before I ramble here,, it is!

by Clare Flory
Illustrated by Lily Uivel
Ethicool Kids' Books
Picture Book
ages 0 to 6

Join the wise and adorable Samson C. Turtle for an underwater adventure of the most important variety. 

Life in the ocean can be anxiety-inducing in more ways than one. But at 102 years young, Samson might just have the answer...

A bright and colourful kids' book about managing anxiety. 



Not only is this a sea turtle to love, the message he brings spreads words of encouraging calmness far past the sandy shorelines. 

Packed to the gills with gorgeous, undersea illustrations, this is a book which invites young listeners to explore, fall in love with a sea turtle, and even learn something along the way. I loved just flipping through this one and taking in the blue scenes and the well done sea creatures. For anyone who enjoys the world under the water, these alone will put a smile on the face. But this book holds more.

These pages center around calmness and how to achieve it during moments of anxiety. The entire book is done in rhyme, which flows pretty well. The author has used several clever techniques to help her message come across and sit without becoming cliche or preachy. Samson swims through the sea and happens across anxious creatures, who portray different types of anxiety. With a repeating phrase, he encourages them to calm down and breath. This constant repeat helps the message to settle in, especially with young listeners. Also, the entire realm of the underwater world embodies calmness in a subconscious manner, allowing each picture to radiate the feeling along with the text. Add the obvious opportunity for kids to calm and breath along, and the opening up to discussions, and this book does its job in every way...And that while simply remaining a nice picture book with a character to love.

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