Thursday, December 17, 2020

Holiday Review: Share Some Kindness, Bring Some Light by Apryl Stott

It's time for another Holiday Review! Today's book isn't really centered around the holiday season...not directly, anyway. The wintery landscape, however, fits right in (at least, for those of us in the northern hemisphere). But I also loved the way the author brings in light and uses the simple lanterns. Not only does this offer a great crafting project for those dimming days for young readers. And I bet a few might even want to take them on a venture out into the evening or night. But the visual idea of light and kindness is simply lovely. 

by Apryl Stott
Simon & Schuster
Picture Book
40 pages
ages 4 to 8

A little girl and her friend Bear learn the true meaning of selfless kindness in this sweet, stunningly illustrated debut picture book.

Bear is sad. All the other animals think he’s mean because he’s so big. But his human friend, Coco, offers to help him. Coco shares her grandmother’s advice: “When life gets dark as winter’s night, share some kindness, bring some light.”

They decide to bake cookies to “share some kindness” and make lanterns to “bring some light.” But when the cookies and lanterns don’t work, they must look for another way to win over the other animals. And while they’re at it, Coco and Bear just might discover that kindness is a gift that only comes from the heart.


This is one of those books, which sneaks in and warms the heart.

Bear and Coco are the oddest pair of friends, and while they get along splendidly, bear isn't happy. None of the animals understand him and are afraid of him. Coco wants to help and thinks of a way to show the animals how kind bear really is. But despite their efforts, nothing seems to turn the prejudice around. 

Firstly, I love the illustrations in this tale. They carry so much detail and make the characters along with the setting really come through with tons of atmosphere. The snowy landscape and cold seems to radiate from the pages thanks to the wonderful color choices. Plus, the atmosphere is just right to let the light shine. It's fun to flip through them and get lost in the wintery forest and animals, especially since there's a wonderful mix of realistic aspects and imaginative ones.

The tale has a more traditional direction and tells a story without rhyme...which I appreciate. Coco and Bear's dialogue fits well to a little girl and shows the comfort the two share between each other. There is a very important message in all of this, and it's a very universal one. It leaves off with a smile and a bit of food for thought, and definitely has the reader wishing they could visit this forest and stomp through the snow right along with Bear and Coco. 

And here she is...

Author-illustrator Apryl Stott grew up drawing and making delightful creative messes. Her first story, “How to Get Rid of My Baby Sister” was written in third grade. Since then, she has learned how to be kind to her sister and how to clean up after herself. Mostly. She spends her days working in her studio, listening to podcasts, and picking up after her daughter’s delightful creative messes. Share Some Kindness, Bring Some Light is her first picture book. Learn more at

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