Thursday, December 24, 2020

Holiday Review: Little Pink Kitty Christmas by Pete Marksteiner

Tomorrow's Christmas! That makes this my last holiday review for this year, and I'm so excited to end it with a very special treat for you. This isn't only a cute picture book with a lovely tale about finding the meaning of Christmas on Christmas Eve, but it's set to music and can even be viewed on Youtube, where the author/composer presents the entire tale in song form. Just head to the website below ( and enjoy.

Seriously, head over there and then click on the Youtube link. You won't regret it! (Go here - Merry Christmas)


by Pete Marksteiner
Illustrated by Gayatri Ray
Picture Book / Holidays
ages 4 to 8

​“Little Pink Kitty Christmas” is a new Christmas story picture book & Christmas song!  The lyrics of a new Christmas song tell the tale of a dad’s desperate, last minute Christmas Eve search for a stuffed pink kitty cat for his little girl. Beautifully illustrated, the story describes how just when all seems lost, dad finds exactly what he’s looking for… and how the next morning he realizes the lesson we’re all meant to share:  It’s not about things you give and receive because if you have friends and family you love and who love you, you’re already rich beyond compare.  The book, “Little Pink Kitty Christmas,” is available on Amazon and the music is available for purchase or stream on all major online retailers and streaming services.  



The magic of Christmas shines through in a delightful tale about a girl's very specific wish.

The family is ready for Christmas Eve, but as the father tucks his daughter to bed the night before, she discloses her most secret, Christmas wish—a pink kitty with green eyes. The father realizes how important this is to her, and wanting her to not loose faith in Christmas wishes, spends the next day looking everywhere for this last minute gift. The end is indeed a miracle and just perfect for the holidays.

The tale is one very suitable for a 'story time', meaning it does stretch over age brackets. I think much of this is thanks to the fact that the tale is told from the father's point of view. He wants to make his daughter's day amazing and goes on a search. He's the one who re-discovers the meaning of Christmas, too. While putting him as the main character might seem to distance this one from younger readers, it doesn't. Not at all. Young listeners will have absolutely no problem sliding into his shoes as he searches for the perfect gift. After all, kids often want to make their parents happy with a perfect gift and struggle and worry, too. As said, it's great for a Christmas tale together.

The illustrations are nicely done and allow the tale to open up while being read. Kids can follow it on their own without a reader, too. 

Of course, the extra bonus on this one is the fact that it can also be viewed or listened to. The song version is a treat as is the video version. I've watched it already a few times with my kids because we enjoyed it quite a bit.

And here he is...

A mid-life husband and dad, Pete describes himself as "a fairly average guy, blessed by an extraordinary family, leading a blissfully ordinary life." After 35 years of the Monday-Friday grind he, like many folks, started losing focus on the things that make all our lives wonderous and beautiful. As an avid songwriter and now first-time kids' book author, Pete's passion is making art, both musical and literary, that encourages smelling some roses every chance you get, and savoring life's very best moments.

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