Thursday, September 3, 2020

Review: The Good for Nothing Frogs by Daniel Georges

 Today's read belongs to a series, My Crazy Stories. And that's exactly what these are. Crazy. Silly. Loony. Goofy...and yet, they hold a valuable lesson inside. But don't think of these as preachy because they aren't.

My Crazy Stories
by Daniel Georges
Picture Book 
44 pages
ages 4 to 8

The wildly hilarious new book from MY CRAZY STORIES Series is here!

It was a very bad night to be a frog!

The frogs made the terrible mistake of disturbing King Grouchel’s precious sleep.
Along with Krockel, his crocodile chef, the two are up for the unthinkable…
A forest free of those pesky creatures!

A laugh-out-loud picture book with two wicked characters that deliver a comedy punch to crack up both kids and adults. What’s the take? Don’t mess with frogs!

What will children learn from this book? Raising the kids’ sensitivity towards nature and wild life has never been more important. Behind the example of frogs, this children’s book inspires awareness and respect for all creatures that contribute to the balance of our wonderful natural environment. No matter how small, they are all good for something!

BOOK 7 from the quirky series MY CRAZY STORIES - Children's book Age 3-8

What makes My Crazy Stories series quite special is that it focuses on kids’ character building by encouraging young readers to develop a deeper awareness of themselves and cultivate emotional confidence as they grow up. Enjoy reading!

"For anyone who has read one of Daniel’s stories, this set of books is the gold at the end of the treasure hunt! ... Strongly recommended" - Grady Harp / Amazon Top Reviewer for Children's Books.


Seriousness is more of a side-dish in this deliciously funny tale about a very sleepy king, a chef, and some super noisy frogs.

King Grouchel loves to sleep, which considering nothing really goes on in his dark forest, isn't a problem. He also has a crocodile to take care of cleaning, cooking and the such. But when a strange noise interrupts the king's much prized slumber, things are about to change. Good ideas might not be so good after all, and the frogs are in for an adventure. 

I love silly, ridiculous children books, and this one fits the bill. And then some. The tale flows with the finesse of a fairy tale, and yet, packs a few quirks which are sure to gain more than a smirk or two. Still, it's the writing which really makes this book shine. The author dances between telling the story and speaking to the listener, adding little comments to grab and entice. It pulls the reader right into the middle of the situation. And what a situation it is.

It's clear that this king has some issues and probably isn't a great king. And the crocodile has his own desires. And yet, they aren't so over the top characters that they become too strange. There's a wonderful balance between 'normal' and ridiculous that keeps the reader in a true story, while catering to nonsense.

It's a lovely mix, one that kids will adore, and something that I wish would be found in kidlit more often.

And here he is...

Daniel Georges discovered his flair for storytelling and Illustration at a young age. He passionately creates picture books that resonate with his understanding of the complexity of growing up. His fun series My Crazy Stories goes beyond cultivating imagination to supporting young readers in developing a deeper emotional awareness and self-confidence to better deal with the intimidating world surrounding them while growing up.

Daniel’s books won the attention and endorsement of juvenile literature supporting organizations among which the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation.

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