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Brand new covers for author Patricia Josephine!

I'm a sucker for beautiful covers...and even more so when it means there's a great read waiting underneath. Author Patricia Josephine has now mixed the two, and I'm thrilled to help share them with you guys. She writes Young Adult Urban Fantasy/Paranormal/Dystopian/SciFi and mixtures in and beyond. I enjoy her reads quite a bit (otherwise, I wouldn't be presenting them here.)



This is a collection of two-or-so page stories. Here was my review.

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This is a perfect book to grab up a few minutes of vampire, zombie or werewolf fun. Each tale is only about a page long (200 words), which makes it fun to simply glance at a tale before heading on to whatever else life offers. While the book is divided into three themes (vampires, zombies and werewolves), each tale is very original and has its own flare.

Not only was the variety a treat...because I really never knew what to expect next....but the writing was almost always solid. Two hundred words isn't a long tale, but the author manages to make each character and situation interesting and leaves crumbs for thought. It was fun to pick this up and dive into a few tales each time. (my review on Amazon)


Dystopian with Mother Nature mix. Here's my review:

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This is an intriguing dystopian which not only draws in with fast-paced adventure but adds an interesting, natural twist.

Armory lives on a future Earth where trees and nature decided to take a stand against humanity, a bloody one. The planet is at war. Armory lives in a type of small community in the ruins of a city, where they literally fight for every food grown. When nomads raid them, Armory and her best friend are kidnapped with the intention of giving them to members of the gang. But an unexpected help comes to Armory's rescue, and soon, she finds herself on an even more impossible adventure—one to stop the war and save the world.

The first pages drew me immediately into the Armory's world and brought it to vivid life. There was just enough time to get to know a few members of her community, their friendship and problems before everything was ripped apart. The pacing fit perfectly and really grabs at the heart when Armory and her friend are brutally taken away. The scenes sit and flow, while still keeping the tension high.

Armory is a believable teen and a heroine who is easy to root for. Her reactions are mostly understandable and it's hard not to feel for her as she tries to come to terms with everything. She's a bit naive but only enough to make her that much more real.

The relationship with the trees is simply beautiful. There's a building of trust, which takes time and hints at something more. It borders on romantic and leaves the heart yearning in just the right way. The message comes across loud and clear—one especially those with a heart for nature are sure to enjoy—but still slides into the adventure nicely to make an enjoyable read.


I haven't read this one yet, but heads in the SciFi direction.

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Cyclop can see other people’s futures, but his own is clouded by a past he can’t escape and a man he calls Master.

It’s not Cyclop’s albino skin and mismatched eyes that make him stand out, but his ability to see the future and a dark past he escaped. Only those close to him know his secrets, and with their help, he has carved out a normal life. But his past refuses to let him go, and when the man he calls Master finds him, he is forced to return to his old life.

Imprisoned, Cyclop clings to the hope of freedom. To do so, he must break Master’s control over him. Will he find the strength to become the master of his own life? Or is his past destined to be his future?

A mix of science fiction, speculative fiction, and self discovery Snapshots is a story of facing the past and being in control of your own life and future.


Nope, I haven't gotten to this one either yet, but it heads in the vampire direction again.

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Tommy forgot his human life when he became a vampire...but it didn’t forget him.

Like all vampires, Tommy must do one thing: survive. With no memory of his life before death, his only connection to humanity is his twin brother. When Tommy rescues a young girl, he learns not all monsters are undead. After returning her to her family, Tommy struggles to understand why he felt so protective of her when she has no connection to him.

As the years pass, and with his twin’s help, Tommy moves on with his ‘life’ but never forgets the young girl or the monster who hurt her. When she re-enters his life as a teenager, Tommy struggles with his vampire need to survive and his desire to protect her. He will be forced to decide which part of him is stronger: The vampire? Or the human? The answer may destroy him.


Patricia never set out to become a writer, and in fact, she never considered it an option during high school and college. She was more of an art and band geek. Some stories are meant to be told, and now she can't stop writing. Her young adult stories often have a paranormal, fantasy or sci-fi twist.

 Patricia lives with her husband in Michigan, hopes one day to have what will resemble a small petting zoo, and has a fondness for dying her hair the colors of the rainbow. She also writes New Adult Urban Fantasy and Sci-Fi Romance under the name Patricia Josephine.


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