Sunday, September 13, 2020

Review: Far Beyond the Sun by Dolev Zaharony

 How far is far? Kids have the way of asking the most amazing questions...and we don't always have the answers. The book I'm presenting today takes exactly one of those situations and teaches kids about some interesting, very high places in our world and beyond.

by Dolvey Zaharony
Illustrated by Marian Naseif
Picture Book
43 pages
ages 4 to 8

Brian wants to be taller than the sun but is not sure how. His journey will take you through the tallest places on earth as he finds his way beyond the sun using his imagination.

This educational book is great for kids from age 5 and up and explores science, math, geography, and history.



How tall is tall, and how far is far? Kids still see the world from a fresh perspective and ask the most unexpected questions (at least, unexpected to us adults). It's not always easy to respond. 

In this book, Brian, a young boy, climbs to the top of his tower and sees the neighborhood. He must be far above almost everything and is convinced it's true until a friend makes it clear that there might be taller things in this world. 

Facts can be fun and interesting, and that's what this book addresses. Brian is introduced as an average boy, who plays just like any other kid. When the question of tall and far hit, it leaves him wondering and curious...and so readers are lead to think about it right along with him. As he does his research, it's done in such a way which informs while still leaving readers curious if there might be more...right along with Brian. The ending finally touches upon the sun, but not in the way one might expect. It's a great way to help younger readers learn more about the world and a few facts, while getting those thought gears cranking in their own heads.

The illustrations are bright, bold and do their job. They present the various places mentioned nicely and give listeners/readers a good impression about what is being addressed. 

These pages open up the possibility to lead kids to discover more about the mentioned places (perhaps, an opportunity to show real life pictures of them and offer more descriptions on the side). The book also carries enough of an introduction to space and the solar system to open up the topic as well. And if you have a telescope, be prepared to dig that out because it will also trigger curiosity in that direction. In other words, this is a great book to use to use as a springboard into other topics, ones that kids will love to learn more about.

A Few Thoughts from the Author...

It was the summer of last year. I decided to take my daughter camping. We packed our sleeping bags (hers was from Disney’s Frozen), our tent, some food and off we went to a nearby campsite.


We spent the day walking around, watching the birds, squirrels and dogs (when you are 5-minutes from home, you get the occasional dog-walkers).  


She asked me a million questions like: how old are the trees? Is the lake bigger than the ocean? If snails die, do they get buried with their home (her words). I was able to answer all of them, or at least make up some good answers using common sense.  


After dinner, we laid down on our sleeping bags and watched the sky. We saw the millions of stars out there and I started telling her about our galaxy and how, in our solar system, every planet orbits the sun. Then, I moved on to talk about galaxies that are much further than the sun. And even though the sun is high above the earth, the other stars are much further away from us. She seemed puzzled about the whole distance thing and then asked me that one question I was not able to answer immediately- “Daddy, can I be taller than the sun?”


I was stunned for a couple of seconds because I had no straight answer to give her. And it bugged me. Aside from an astronaut on a mission to another galaxy, which is possible, but has never been done before, is there another way to go beyond the sun? And then it hit me and the wheels in my brain started spinning. I decided to turn it into a story, which I’m happy to share with you. It’s called ‘Far Beyond the Sun’ and it talks about a boy who wanted to be higher than the sun and that wish takes him on a journey through history, geography, math, and science as he finds the way to achieve his goal.

On (you can get a personal note from me to your child and I will donate part of the proceeds to a nonprofit that supports children who do not have access to education):

All About the Author...

A tech marketer and entrepreneur by day - a writer and musician by night, Dolev started writing children’s books after his first child was born, as his children provide endless sources of inspiration. Their imagination takes him back to when he was a kid, connecting between unrelated things and blending them into a story. As a parent, he uses the same method in his stories, each time with a different message that will help children overcome the obstacles of life they have to cope with.

Dolev is also the founder of, an online e-commerce platform that supports nonprofit organizations.   

Dolev resides in North Carolina with his wife and two children. 

His next two books are in production now:

Milo the Albino Dino – about accepting the unique and different

The Neighbor’s Ferrari – about materialism and finding the joy of life

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