Monday, September 21, 2020

Review: Aah! Blown Away, Crash! by Brigitte Brulz


An Alphabet Misadventure
by Brigitte Brulz
Illustrated by Alyssa Brulz
Picture Book
36 pages
ages 2 to 5

Aah! A bird is blown away and crashes on a deserted island. Will he figure out how to get off the island? And who - or what - is following him? Find out in this comical alphabet misadventure that has only one to three words per page.

"Very cleverly done and beautifully illustrated. Lots of fun in this gem of an alphabet book." - Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers' Favorite

A free teacher's guide, shadow puppet printables, and more activity pages to go along with this book are available on Brigitte Brulz's website.



This is a super cute way to explore the ABC's...and definitely with a big twist of originality.

The main character of this book is a very simple, somewhat flighty, and maybe not always the brightest, red bird. Each page follows its adventure as it has a small accident and plunges from the sky. That's where the story begins, and its by no means the end. Each step is a mixture of silliness and a tiny bit of 'not sure what's going to happen next' tension. While them bird is ridiculous, it's impossible not to want to continue to see what it does.

The illustrations are simple yet bring exactly that across which needs to be there. The colors are bright and the images very recognizable. While there are enough details to build each scene and help create the atmosphere, the illustrations make sure not to draw too mention attention, either. They accompany, offer something to look at, but don't overpower the main theme—visiting the alphabet.

Each word sits in this book, and considering there's only (at the most) a couple on each page, that's necessary. Starting with Aah!, the words follow the alphabet...and that without being obvious. It's cleverly crafted and draws listeners in, letting them learn in a very fun, easy way. The additional materials, which are available, make this a great way to help young listeners learn those first letters as well. Plus, they get to know a very quirky, somewhat ditzy, but still super cute bird.

And here she is...

Brigitte Brulz is a homeschooling mom, author, journal creator, and freelance writer. Her book Pickles, Pickles, I Like Pickles was chosen for the 2019 Read Across Connecticut program. She offers free coloring pages, teacher's guides, activity ideas, and more information about her writings on her website at

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