Saturday, February 29, 2020

Review: Fun at the Fair by Ingela P Arrhenius

Bookscape Board Books
by Ingela P Arrhenius
Chronicle Books
Board Book
ages 0 to 3

MARCH 10th!!!

Toddlers will love exploring all the wonders of a day at the fair in this chunky, tactile board book.

Little hands will thrill at flipping through the uniquely shaped, die-cut pages that overlap to reveal carousels, trains, rollercoasters and all the other fun-tastic sights and sounds of a bustling fairground. Delightfully petite, with light concept-based text and jubilant illustrations, Fun at the Fair is perfect for hands on play and bedtime reading alike.

• The tactile, toylike quality makes Fun at the Fair an irresistible attention-grabber for toddlers.
• Decorative and elegantly-designed, this book is ideal for both nursery display and hands-on learning.
• Lovers of Scandinavian design will love Ingela Arrhenius's beautiful, 1950s-inspired art.

Fans of City BlockMain Street Magic, and Ingela Arrhenius's Animals and Pop Up Things that Go! will love Fun at the Fair.

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This little book invites to be tugged around, flipped through again and again, and simply played with.

The small, sturdy pages in various sizes and shapes give a toy-like appearance and definitely catch the eye. The book is grip-able from all directions...just right for light fingers and hands...and has a nice, sturdy form. Thanks to the almost 3-D effect of the layered pages, it's simple to flip through, too. In other words, this may be a book, but it gives young listeners/readers the chance to feel, poke and prod.

The illustrations are bright and basic. Yet, there are still a few little details to invite into the scenes. Of course, the theme of a fair sets off a happy, excited atmosphere, and that does come across nicely as well. The basic rides of a fair are presented (train, carousel, Ferris wheel, etc.) and clear to identify.
The text is very short and direct, which works as a very quick read-aloud....great for short attention spans.

I can see little toddlers enjoying this book quite a bit, and it'd make a great bring-a-long for a small gift as well.

And here she is...

Ingela P Arrhenius is an illustrator of books and gifts. She lives in Stockholm Sweden.

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