Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Review: Oh, The Places You've Been by Ben Everard with Mary Everard

by Ben Everard with Mary Everard
Illustrated by Andrea Alemanno
Mascot Books
Picture Book
38 pages
ages 4 to 8


Oh, the Places You've Been is a delightful picture book following the life of a small penny. From city sidewalks to snowy mountaintops, fields full of fireflies and all the way to the Moon, a young girl learns this little coin has traveled far and wide to end up in her pocket. But how can something so small have traveled so far? This playful rhyming tribute to Dr. Seuss explores how even small, long-forgotten things have amazing stories to tell.

Where has your penny been?


This is a tale, which perks the imagination and invites all of those, who've ever found a penny, to wonder and dream.

When young Harper finds a penny on the sidewalk, she doesn't stick it into her pocket but rather listens and learns about all of the places that penny has been. And it's a history full of surprises.

The idea behind this book already captivated me and had my children excited to dive into the pages. Almost everyone has found a coin—in this case, a penny—on the ground at one time or another. Although a penny is only a small thing, the discovery is always a little exciting and sure to add a tiny joy to the day. But this book takes it a step further and invites young listeners/readers to consider all the places that penny has already been. And that is quite the thought!

Written in rhyme, this makes a lovely read-aloud. Each page offers a new place where the penny has been and gives a quick and interesting glimpse at what it might have 'experienced'. Everything from snow to tall trees to the sea and more falls into the places the penny has been. Not only are the places quickly described, but the author adds sometimes humorous, sometimes thoughtful and sometimes simply interesting tidbits along the way to help bring each scene a little more to life. The illustrations flow right along with it, allowing each scene to develop added richness and detail. It will have kids gazing through and thinking about each place even on their own.

And next time they pick up a coin, they probably will take at least a second to wonder what adventures it has experienced and all the places it might have been.

And here he is...

A husband, father, lawyer, writer and film producer, Ben Everard lives in Los Angeles, California, by way of Crystal Lake, Illinois.

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