Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Review: Nerp! by Sarah Lynne Reul

by Sarah Lynne Reul
Sterling Children's Books
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 3 to 7

MARCH 3rd!!!

What’s for dinner? How about skizzle klumps n’ gizzardlumps? A hilarious look at mealtime with a pair of persnickety eaters, in the most fun made-up language ever!
Would you like a bite of frizzle frazzle hotchy potch? How about a plate of mushy gushy bloobarshNERP, says our hero. Nerpity nerpity nerp! (That’s “NO” to you!) With nonsense language and humorously expressive illustrations, this delightfully silly picture book tells the story of two picky eaters—one child, one pet—of indiscriminate species, a multitude of supposedly tasty goodies, and one surprising solution to a familiar childhood situation.



Monsterly fun radiates bright and bold in this catchy tale, which will have listeners spouting monsterly vocabulary of their own.

Some eaters are simply finicky, and that's definitely the case for this little monster. The parents bring out all sorts of delcious...ummm, interesting?...morsels. Yet, this little monster turns its nose at every single one.

This is a read-aloud that will have listeners quickly wanting to repeat every word themselves...and invent a few along the way. Each dish and response is a whimsical basket of nonsense, which slides right along into monsterly fun. And yet, it all makes sense-ish.

Thanks to the colorful illustrations, reactions and emotions are no problem to guess and make ga-gobbled word as clear as day. The monster baby is cute and stuffed full with emotion as he shakes his head and hides from every dish brought out to him. And these dishes are sure to catch some gasps, groans, and 'huhs?' along the way.

The ending is sweet as can be and offers a solution. Sort of. In any case, listeners will get the point and probably be nerping themselves the rest of the day.

And here she is...

Sarah Lynne Reul is an illustrator, award-winning 2D animator, and the creator of several books ofr children, including Allie All Along. Originally from Brooklyn, she now lives just outside of Boston. Visit her online at and on Instagram @thereul

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